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New base confusion/help

I've always hit the base/camp i wanted and placed one of my bases on it and waited that way.

A few things im unsure on are:

If i kill the base/camp and placed a marker on it. Then wait till im ready is there a wait limit? What if another camp spawns where my marker is and someone kill that camp what happens regarding me placing my next base on two ruins?

If someone else kills the base and its been some time then they let you have that layout can someone else have it? Or do you need to kill it to get it?

Im unsure on this and would like some help.

Thank you.


  • If I'm understanding your questions,
    Outposts/Camps do not give layouts. Their ruins may respawn at any time.
    Bases normally do not respawn over ruins until they expire. And it does not matter who destroys a base regarding the layout?
  • Correct - A base or camp or outpost layout can be used by any player. Every point on the map that isn't occupied by a tunnel, POI or lake or next to the Fortress can be used for a new base by a player.

    In order to use a Forgotten Base layout it needs to be killed. The ruin will eventually disappear and after an even longer period a base with the same layout will appear. The position of the building and defence units maybe different but the underlying layout is the same. For a camp and outpost the same applies but in the case of camps and outposts they don't need to be killed. Apparently empty spaces with no base, camp or outpost will also give the underlying layout. Once the layout is used to create a base for a player then a new layout is generated and therefore you can't reuse the same spot for multiple player bases.

    Markers are simply a way to indicate to your alliance that a particular layout is reserved for your use. Other alliances can't see them so any player can take it providing it's not in your alliance area of influence shown blue on the map.

    I hope this explanation helps.
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
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