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Domination of worlds by alliances and players who have already defeated the fortress.

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When alliances and players beat the fortress on any given world, they should not be allowed to continue to dominate the center of the maps. It does not provide fair game play.

This could be addressed in several different ways, however, the best way would be if the players wish to continue after total victory, they must start out as new players with one base.

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  • Disturbed71
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    In the end its all about the respect of the "big ones" and the "little ones", and with a smart relationship between those all worlds can be managed friendly for all times.
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  • I will have to strongly disagree. A game has a beginning and an ending. By allowing players/alliances to continue after defeating the fortress, leaving them to dominate and dictate the game play is not friendly, nor is it competitive. I am not saying they shouldn't be allowed to keep playing. However, at the conclusion of all great games, the player begins anew. What is the challenge in playing anew with a leveled player and a stacked deck?
  • gamerdruid
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    Unfortunately I very strongly disagree with you on this. This game, whether by design or default, whether for good or evil, does not have a beginning and end. There is no end to the game or to the worlds.

    The problem is however made less competitive once the first few alliances have killed the fortress because it has no end.

    What is needed, and it has been said many times, is something that is after the fall of the fortress for players. Many don't want to 'waste' their investment of time and real money on starting a new world, sometimes with new rulesets.
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  • sacipeps
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    I think what will be interesting is to make it impossible for players with badge to attack the fortress again ... then player get the badge in the world now he can not shoot the FF again
  • gamerdruid
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    Every suggestion I have seen so far, here and in the old forum, has it's drawbacks and pitfalls.
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  • Disturbed71
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    Sometimes on "older Worlds" its so easy to ask for a little help from the "big ones" or a little "Please"
    Big Players gets no kick from shooting others, not for a long time, so at the end all players partizipate from others.
    But without this little "Please or Need help" its all about

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  • gamerdruid
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    The PTE vet server has this little snippet:


    So players who continually hit a fortress seem to be being penalised. Is this the case?
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  • What is 'LP'??
    Regards, ArveK
  • gamerdruid
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    LP=Legacy Points
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  • Ea r u guys gona do something about players who bully after FF is destroyed ? who get lvl 65 def n off in 5 to 6 bases n stay on server with max out pois like def 172% bonuses and bully other player permanently n force them if u play we kill you n to leave server ?? r u guys gona do something about it i think we pay money to play this game coz we love c&C Ta and other reason is we spent our money in it on the server where we r forced to drop off the world coz the top alliance dont want us to get medals ? now is that fair ?stronger keeps on getting stronger and weaker becomes totally obsolete as we dont get rp from pvp and and we keep on getting killed thus no power n no tib to grow either n we keep on loosing our rt n cp coz top player send there 1 of 5 to 6 lvl 65 off bases after us n kill our whole accounts in return we will hit there def some 15 times to kill 1 base of there m they pop up again n take out all bases or even entire alliance in 1 go .

    what should be done is simple
    1 after ur alliance finish with FF cannot attack FF again
    2nd once an alliance finish game cannot hold any pois
    3rd they should loose ability to attack other players for atleast 6 months
  • this should finish 90% of problems
  • gamerdruid
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    @GaNgErRoR This is a war game with a King of the Hill finish therefore your complaints show you've lost on a world not won.

    Your point 1 - once an alliance has killed the fortress they do not normally attack a second time with the same alliance name. New members will not get a badge and old members only get one badge per world.

    Your point 2 - once an alliance has killed the fortress they generally pass on POI's to other allied alliances (unless there's a war!) Preventing an alliance holding POI's after a fortress kill penalises them for winning and removes the ability to help those in allied wings that helped them get to the fortress and kill it.

    Your point 3 - Winners shouldn't be penalised for winning! A six month cool down preventing them from attacking others would penalise them and move them off the world, where they have invested much time and effort. They will just as likely have invested more time and money than the losers, unless there was a real war and then they will all have heavily invested both time and money into winning the war.

    Anyone who gets their bases to level 65 has worked hard on a world, invested heavily in time an money and have done nothing wrong if they've played by the rules (no farming scripts, no account locking etc) to get there.

    If you're on the receiving end of a players chasing you around the map then remember, their penalty in lost bonuses from moving is much more than yours!
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  • oh thx for reply ur rt they invested alot like 300 cp jumping in middle of alliance with 3 accounts n killed about 50 bases with lvl 40 def with 65 lvl off n its an ongoing process by same player for last 1.5 year continuously we cannot kill them so they dont loose resources but we get killed n loose everything if we attack we loose all cp n rt n reach there last line of there def after 25 attacks n go out of rt n cp then they gladly kill us n use there left over cp to farm so yes its only fair we all should leave this game n not play coz they r king n will decide if we can play or not EA can clean there **** from bullying
  • gamerdruid
    1451 posts Moderator
    If you have an idea that can actually work without punishing the players that play fair (and are large and have killed the centre) then I'm sure everyone would be glad to hear it.

    There are many, many suggestions I've seen but all would punish the players that play fair too. The main problem, is that there is nothing in the game after the fortress has been killed. The world isn't reset, the players aren't transported to a new world - there is nothing. Until that is resolved then nothing can be done, in my view.
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
  • I have participated in several worlds and the usual form of game is that when an alliance, in fighting against others, gets to pull the fortress usually helps the other alliances (allies) to achieve their goal, destroy the fortress.

    This alliance can then help its allies to destroy the fortress and thus recursively.

    In some cases I have seen as alliances that were enemies have also been helped to destroy the fort and obtain their medal, although in this case I did not seem to me an adequate solution. If they have been marked as "enemy" it has not been on a whim, rather because they have done very damaging actions against our alliance.

    In this case it is normal that the alliances that are destroying the center continuously leave aside those who are their enemies and do not give them access to the fort.

    In this case of disparity of forces it is better to resort to diplomacy and get an agreement with the larger or dominant alliances in the game. If there is resentment among the alliances, you will never find an adequate solution but with a good diplomatic work it is possible, and I repeat that only possible, to reach an agreement even between enemies.
  • Game design flaw, Disparity of forces = amount of worlds you have played, friends you can diplo with = New players and alliances are in effect Penalized to the point of the powerful top alliance deciding who is allowed in every alliance.... (Micro bully management) and it is the fundamental reason that even though you may never loose a battle and you may do very well in all aspects of the game ... If you are not good at kissing azzz of the "old guard" it does not matter you will never do well with this game design.

    Be aware, in fact the old guard have "Stazi" like people who's job it is to get personal information about players that they can be "black balled" later or at the very least continuously identified.. Be careful of who you give your personal information to as it will be used against you.

    Way too much power is thus in the hands of this group of people who are in my oppinon allowed to destroy the growth potential of the entire platform. This is one of the fundamental differences between this game and others such as "StarCraft" where this problem has been greatly reduced.

    Just a few small changes would make such a difference.... Pity the idea of change scares EA so much.
  • gamerdruid
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    I don't know if the idea of change scares EA but it doesn't scare me! If you like Starcraft so much and dislike the game as it is then play Starcraft and ignore this game! As is posted in other threads here discussing similar topics there are plenty of games out there vying for your cash.
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
  • That is all you got from what I wrote?

    Pity that.

    The idea of a forum is to discuss ideas ... Those scary ideas that cause the change that you fear so much.
    However you with the power of a moderator (given by EA) sees that "discussion" is little more than ..

    "My way or the highway."

    Even though your views are your own they can hardly be called independent of EA or Envision...

    Good luck
  • Frummi
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    The idea of a forum is to discuss ideas ... Those scary ideas that cause the change that you fear so much.
    Feel free to discuss. We are always interested in new player's ideas. Even tho we don't comment on every post we are reading them.

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  • I would suggest multiple fortresses in a world, with an ultra-difficult one at the center that ANYONE near the center can attack, proven atleast 3/4s of the fortresses are destroyed. Each fortress is sheilded by multiple command hubs, same procedure as in a normal world. The level of the ultra fortress should be about lv. 90, and the max level for players should be near that. Multiple alliances can attack the ultra-fortress as if they are one big alliance, maybe like 200.
    This however is only a suggestion for the feircest players, and from start to end game should take more than a year.
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