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Red Alert 2 - Black screen on startup

Purchased the C&C Ultimate Collection on Origin (mainly for RA2/YR) and noticed that Red Alert 2 does not start correctly. The screen goes black on starting up but the audio is coming through fine. Tried to fix it with Bibber's alternate start and downloading CnC.net but cannot get the actual game to work. Anyone else experience this?

Running on Windows 10 Home Edition (god, I miss XP...)


  • Tried the C&C Graphics Patcher? http://www.stuffhost.de/files/cnc/CnCPatcher.html
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  • I tried it and does not work.
  • Did you set up the CnCNet YR client to use an alternate renderer?
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  • d4mp_punk
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    Thanks for getting back to me, Plokite95.

    I've tried the graphics patcher but no luck.

    Currently using the default renderer on CnC, I'll try switching through them to see if that solves anything!

    UPDATE: Applied the 'DxWnd' renderer in the CnCNet YR client and set the resolution to 1280x720. Both RA2 and YR seem to be working perfectly (for now). Cheers for the help!
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  • methuselah
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    I don't know where the thumbs up emoji is but thumbs up!
  • Since upgrading to Win 10, I couldn't play RA 2 YR, tried the various patch suggestions, none helped, sooo I went with a dual boot, Win 10 on one HDD, Win 7 on another, and presto!, I can now play IT!!!!
  • laserbeak
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    I got Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge to work without the CnCNet Client, more freedom IMO, can use cheats\ trainers, single-player instead of only skirmish, & of course, saved games. I just got the Alt+Tab Capable DDRAW & changed compatibility settings to Run As Admin & XP SP2. I've used CnCNet in my other YR copies, but I'am using Cheat Engine Tables now for invulnerability & stuff, though I can play fairly decent without it on Oil Derrick maps. ;) P.S: Some of the CnCNet Client .dll's are great even I admit & can fix the game for you —if you know which ones to copy in the main game folder !
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