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Playing classic C&C on Windows 10

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Sorry if this has been asked before , but I am new to the site.
I have several versions of C & C which I used on Windows xp. Now converted to Windows 10 .
Are there versions available to buy / download for windows 10
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  • You should be able to play them on 10 if you use compatibility mode
    so no need to buy new ones
  • methuselah
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    Edited the title to get you a little more feedback, pretty sure this isn't much of an issue. Is there one particular game you are trying to play or are you just trying to get The Ultimate Collection working?
  • Thanks for the edit , currently using my old PC (XP) to play tiberian Sun .
    What is Compatibility mode ? how do I set that up ?
    I not got great knowledge of PC. :)
  • Right-click on the game's exe or shortcut and tick the Compatibility mode option in the Compatibility tab of the window that you get.
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