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Suggestions for features to be added for Vet 3

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Up to now each of the 2 vet servers have been slightly different as they have evolved from testing and by learning how players exploit the system.

I've had a number of thoughts about how the vet3 server could be improved.

1) Add malus to the forgotten
2) Add more quests that are attainable throughout the game - one such could be award vp for an alliance holding ciomplete hubs in more than one sector or for an alliance holding complete hubs in 4 sectors. A variation on that is for a player to hold 4 terminals on the same hub.
3) Change the size of hubs - more terminals as you get to the centre
4) Change the level of hubs so that they increase every time the sats wipe them out.
5) Spread the high level hubs around the world, not concentrating them in the centre.
..... I could go on, but would like to hear suggestions and improvements from others. Including how the suggestions could be exploited!
I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
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