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Lost 4+ yrs game progress after been disconnected and login again

Dear staff,
I was playing around 2 am Pacific Coast time and got disconnected from the server. After that, a webpage popped up and requested me to join the blue or red clan. I did not think it is a choice for the brand new beginner because this web was way too long before I started the game sometime 4+ years ago. So, I selected the blue team and it led me to a brand new game starting from scratch. I lost all my eight bases and game progress after that even I switched to a different computer to login again. Unfortunately, I did not save my game progress. Please help retrieve my game progress...

Thanks a lot,


  • Tjapka
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    edited August 2017
    Hey moosoer,

    please clean your cache and try a relog
  • gamerdruid
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    @Moooser99 You will find you've logged in during server maintenance time and your regular world was unavailable. This leads the system to offer an available server, usually the latest one available (many are offline at once during maintenance.).

    If you check back later and go to the change server option you will see the server you regularly visit is listed and will either be offline still or will now be online. If it is online you can rejoin your world at the stage you were at before the maintenance.

    This is an issue that regularly comes up during mass maintenance of worlds so I'm confident that you have not lost your progress or 8 bases, they're just not the world that was available at 2am for you.
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  • Thanks. I was able to login into the original world and get back all bases and progress.
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