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  • There was a change since the two server resets that this post inspired. Those resets were disappointing for everyone. At least 5 days should be added to the server clock because of this.

    I see HUBs becoming active after three days time and I see a timer that was added to controlled HUBs regarding the date the HUB will become inactive.

    It would be very nice if a timer could also be implemented for when a HUB will go active.

    Anyhow, I thought it was cute that EA "responded" to Issackorp's request by immediately resetting the server and then upon realizing nothing had changed had to push an actual reset the next day.

    TLDR 5+ days should be added to the server clock :P
  • Although the inconsistencies of active/inactive hub was part of my post, my main objection is the random nature of this 'feature". In this game there are many aspects that you need to think about and plan for, that's the strategic nature of this (war) game. Active/inactive hubs are totally random it takes any form of strategy/tactics away.
  • Throughout the time this server has been live, there has been a problem with the active/inactive hub 'feature", some Sectors/Alliances had hubs inactive for more then a week and have had a larger proportion of hubs inactive when comparing the top 10 Alliances. Many players/Alliances have been frustrated by this and it is likely that many players will not return for Vets 4 if this problem is not solved.
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