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CENTER DRIVEN Chrome AND Firefox Script Pack

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edited January 2019
Greetings Warriors,
I've updated the CD Chrome Script pack to be fully functionally with update 18.1. Additionally it is now available in Firefox.

Chrome: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/center-driven-cnc-ta-scri/glicbealjcpdfcnkjeeememcglfoafbo

Firefox: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/center-driven/

Please post here if you experience any problems with the script pack.
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  • your update has caused the transfer-button to fail so i removed the script , i hope you will fix this
  • Retired_XDaast
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    edited June 2017
    The KRS_L transfer button works. The "New Resource Trade Window" is not working. Just got Memberstats working again.
  • "New Resource Trade Window" should be working again.
  • i have the script and it is all working well so thank you
    what i would like to see is OL of base when you click on the base.
    if it can go back on the base tab or on the stamp it would help.
  • transfer-button works again , dont know about the new resource trade window
  • Script Tiberium Alliances Combat Simulator - TACS does not load
  • Screen full of info that I do not use, which is the option for package collection across all the bases please ?
  • Also discovered you can not deactivate any part of your attack :-(
  • Package Update:
    -TACS compatibility fix (KRS_L).
    -Info Sticker fix (Debitoshpere).

    This update should resolve your issues. Make sure you uninstall and reinstall since a duplicate script was removed.
    Drew0480 wrote: »
    Also discovered you can not deactivate any part of your attack :-(

    Drew, the deactivate button works fine for me. Can you provide a screen shot? Also Maelstrom Tools is the package collection script.
  • now there is no window to view how many days till next base
  • Debitosphere
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    edited June 2017
    @999Glitch999 I had someone say the same thing today. It ended up being that the window was outside the view-able area of the world.

    Hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard while on the world view and scroll your wheel button on your mouse. Zoom out (60 percent) until you see it appear to your right. Then drag the mcv window to the center and repeat the zoom function until you're back at your optimal viewing size, then move the mcv window back to where you like it.

  • i had to disable the script because the attacks didnt end , i hope you can fix this
  • How do you disable the compass.
  • Frummi
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    a151986 wrote: »
    How do you disable the compass.

    If you have the Center Driven Pack you can disable or enable all scripts after clicking on the little icon for addons at the top right of your browers. For the Crucial all in one Pack you can do the same at the main page.
    Not working here anymore. Contact Tjapka for help.
  • Retired_XDaast
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    edited August 2017


    -Added close function to compass (XDaast)
    -Added CENTER DRIVEN Retro Simulator 6.0 with formation saver (XDaast)
    -Fixed and added CENTER DRIVEN Alert Status (XDaast)

    Please note: The "Change EA Sim GUI Elements positions" script does not work
    with CENTER DRIVEN Retro Simulator
  • As far as I can tell 8.9.6 is working fine with the new update (17.5). Please post here if you experience issues with the CD script pack.
  • Retired_XDaast
    107 posts Member
    edited September 2017
    -Removed Transfer All Resources scripts because it was added to the game
  • Which Pack is better: Center Driven or Cruical all in ones?
  • gamerdruid
    5037 posts Moderator
    Depends on which scripts you use.
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
  • hello the autocollect package option is not working. i tried reinstalling the package no solution. do i need to enable any specific script for it. please help out
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