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cannot use funds

i have more then enough funds and only wants to use funds for using 12 commando points! i got an error : account error. funds cannot be used! whats the problem???


  • same here;(
  • and support is not reachable.. uhhh... :'(
  • i want compensation Base repaired when you off funds i will need overprice spend fund for kill it after you fix that
  • I also have more than enough Funds and CP and can not use them to Buy Tib. Please EA Fix this, Very inconvenient !
  • hi all,
    i seem to be having the same issue as the above players have stated. i can not use my funds, it seems the link to the site is down.
    i hope as this is a major sorce of revenue for yourselves that this problem will be on the top of your fix list :)

    regards to all
  • Lucyli753
    74 posts Senior Moderator
    Hey all,
    we have taken care of this problem and it should work properly again now! :)
  • Lucyli753 wrote: »
    Hey all,
    we have taken care of this problem and it should work properly again now! :)

    Well, apparently you couldn't have taken care of this problem considering that as of 14/12/2017 03:18 server time I'm having that nasty "Transaction Failed: Account Error" message.
  • Receiving the Transaction Failed message on 107. Can't use any funds. Can't buy funds. Can't do anything with funds.
  • Still not fixed or is sporadic at best. Error every time crates are attempted to be used with funds...
  • peadawg
    13 posts Member
    edited December 2017
    Can't purchase funds either
  • Tonight (between 1am and 3am UTC) there was a hiccup of payment and fund processing systems that lasted 1-2 hours until it was solved.
    From our logs everything seems to be running fine now. If not please post an update here so we can check.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.
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