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New world Friday February 9th?

Kind Sirs!

It would be most convenient, and appreciated for a whole gaggle of us if you start a forgotten attacks without moral world on February 9th. If you could wrap it in a bow, with a six touch crystal and dope power rings that would be a cherry on top.

Please kindly and thank you
P.S. i'm tying to get some old timers to blow the dust off their credit cards.


  • gamerdruid
    4814 posts Moderator
    Jan 19th was the last new world of the type you are asking for. When it gets nearly full is the most likely time for a new world. It often takes around 6 weeks so Feb 9th seems a little early.
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  • Dang bunch of people with school vacation that week lol. Would give a moral world another go we did 25, think I will be avoiding those until something changes. Bring back wave surfing defense, expand tunnel output or something. Moral sucks a lot of the fun factor out.

  • Sad Yoda :'(
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