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Attack button not alway working + Chrome crashing

Had a post about the attack button not working in a few worlds (Tiberian 10 & 25, World 106, Wrath 21) and it appears to have been removed/deleted.

This issue still happening ... have to close down the browser, wait for the system to release the memory that Chrome was using - which is about 2 minutes, before playing the game again.

Recently, the browser started to stall when having the game running for a while (not all day) - the game is maxing out the memory available for the tab in Chrome. PC has plenty of ram - 16Gb and over half is still available when the tab(s) for the game in Chrome stops working. Memory issue has only started recently.

Chrome version: 64.0.3282.119 (Official Build) (64-bit).
Yes, the browser's cache, etc has been flushed out.


  • gamerdruid
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    Apologies if a post was removed - it was a bad weekend for the forum with the spammer gaining on us and mass deletions needed.

    I'm seeing the memory issue with 32-bit chrome too.
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  • An update on the memory issues.

    I have noticed that this happens if I'm accessing a subbed account - the memory usage goes through the roof and eventually the game becomes unplayable (buttons stop working, etc).

    This happens on Wrath 21 (not too sure about other worlds).

    If I'm not accessing a subbed account, then the game plays good for a while - don't appear to see memory issues there (probably not playing long enough!).
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