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Attack blockers

an "alt" used to attack in a way that does no damage and permits no damage to be done...

and then there is the Blocker blocker who keeps the "alt" from being damaged and he is "unknown" due to game dynamics.

This is best described as a GLITCH that is causing many people to leave the game...

Solutions would be "higher level attack" has override attack .... this would be most realistic..

the details would need to be balanced but it would prevent abuse of this glitch.. as it is now.


  • I "chatted" with a EA representative who was very nice. The question of invulnerability and weather it was a part of the game design was made very clear...

    This is considered an in game abuse... not part of fair play.
  • thought they did a patch to address the attack locking
  • gamerdruid
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    They have made some changes to address this and are working on others. One issue is the testing of such changes as those that use the system aren't likely to admit it or say if the changes worked!
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