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New world options



  • Yes and there are many players on wrath 7 still getting a go at the Tacitus even though they have hit it with the #1#2#3#4 team ...

    This is what I mean by favouritism !!!!!

    There's players on that server who are being patient and waiting .. but how bloody long do they have to wait .. while certain players give their ALTs a go and pushing out the player who has not an alt there !!!!

    Where's the fairness in this .. about this aspect of game got done so ENDGAME means END !!

    No second chance at FF !!!
  • gamerdruid
    5037 posts Moderator
    It's a game, not about fairness but about winning and being in control within the rules as defined loosely by EA and interpreted by others commissioned by them.
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
  • I agree with Druid-To the victor goes the spoils.
    Instead of punishing victors, howabout finding a way to defeat them.
    If an alliance wins the server, they can control it as long as they are able imo. THAT, to me, seems fair.
  • ZellaZonk
    4 posts New member
    Back on point:

    I am interested in a continued effort to bring forth new ideas for game developers to keep adding new and challenging world formats for gamers to enjoy. Do the EA gamers have what it takes? Can they create innovated new formats while keeping some of the basics of the game the same. Many of us love the game for its classic values, but many of us would like to see new and challenging additions to existing formats.
    Examples: The classic fort run, new twist and new format for phase 2, an additional code for fortress winners be be used when the top 10 alliances win their metal.
    Phase: 2 Alliance members now enter a Sea battle format, taking their armies and Arsenal with them for a new format of sea battles with the other 10 teams for a King of the Sea metal. the additional code from the original fort hit would allow access to enter phase 2, leaving your bases exempt from attacks from the remaining players still on phase one. The new phase 2 would allow new missions statements just for phase 2, such as reinforced ship amour, ship weapons, long range missles, short range weapons, air craftcarriers and subs. All the while keeping your unit levels from phase 1 to carry over to phase 2. Other various aspects could be trial and error on several test worlds to allow for more input from gamers on suggestions and tips. More on phase 3 next post.
  • ZellaZonk
    4 posts New member
    Original post continued: Do the game developers have what it takes?
    Phase 3 could involved the beach landing from exiting phase 2, with forgotten attacks on the final phase 3 of a server with 3 badges for each phase. It would be possible to catch other alliance crews during the phases via scores and team play, creating more competition and more excitement. Phase 3 could involved the beach landing, killing off the forgotten and capturing an abandoned fort, more new weapons to research for the phase 3 fort kill. Phase 3 is an Island kill, hence King of Land, King of Sea and King of the Island being the 3 metal phases. The final phase would be rather tough, with forgotten attacks, surprise and secret enemy forgotten attack weapons, and a research Bank to allow the phase 2 sell off of sea related research items to be returned to be used for the phase 3 Island unique missions and researched items. These are just ideas, but the thought of new additional formats to a classic server allowing multiple phases and still using your basic classical weapons and base levels moving forward is compelling and sparks the age old question, "What if". Thanks for reading.. Z
  • ZellaZonk
    4 posts New member
    Correction to last phase 3, that is a metal for each phase, 3 phases 3 metals for that server
  • Seria Genial si podemos tener dos mundos paralelos para jugar sin necesidad de entrar y cerrar la cuenta.

    Un gran estilo de juego sería para mí poder utilizar el mar a las afueras .. oh dios creo que deliro

    si pueden modernizar más lo visual.- Saludos
  • ZellaZonk
    4 posts New member
    This is an attempt to keep ideas alive, spark new innovated ways to add to the entertainment value of a successful campaign thus far in CNC Tiberium Alliances formats.
  • Hi

    the increasing of the default cp and rt capacity to respectively 150 cps and 18 hrs would be highly appreciated. It would give the chance of playing even players, who generally or temporarily can't fund and exactly for this reason don't play the game. You'll get good publicity, a bigger community and more potential funding players in long term. You'll loose the possibility of selling the smallest capacity expand packages. But hey, does anyone buy them?

    Sure, this could increase the amount of the multiaccounts, but no one will find the time to well manage more than 3 or 4 accs at the same time, in the same server, for the hole duration of the game.

    Seeing, that not more than 1000 accounts are playing for real in a server of 30 000 accounts, is sad.

    Cheers and good game.
  • Skyye1960
    7 posts Member
    edited April 2018
    gamerdruid wrote: »
    Make a server where once alliance killed fort they not allowed to hit or be allowed to even participate in the next alliance hitting it ... and be ported to the level 30 base line and move recovery a week stuck there ... !!!
    Why punish a successful player/alliance? If you're not in the 1st alliance you're not good enough!

    It's not punishing success. They've already badged. That's the point of the game. Now move on and start over or quit playing. Otherwise you end up with a bunch of bullies who control the entire rest of the server badging. Or go play against others your own level somewhere else, if you're so great and cool and good at the game. Otherwise all you're doing is taking advantage of people with less time and/or money to play the game. And those people won't enjoy the game and will therefore quit.
  • Because otherwise all you're doing is taking advantage of people with less time or money to play the game.
  • My suggest is about veteran world is to make the discount that players takes in veteran worlds server stay with him in other new classical server " this will make all players to play in veteran servers "
  • Most of the ideas regarding the winning alliance and the post fortress game, involves a huge game play change, technically meaning a brand new game, and I think we can all agree on that that will never happen.

    However, there is one way that is effective and and also require "minimal" game changes: Every player that have been involved in destroying of the Fortress, gets his privilege to recive POI bonus revoked for a period of, say, one month. This will dramatically reduce the power of the winning players, thus giving the competitive alliances a big chance to catch up and claim the center.
    Regards, ArveK
  • Hey, i join this discussion a bit late, and don't even know if this is the right place to post that but here i go :

    Building upgrades : (when multiple choices, you can only choose one and stick with it on the world)
    Yard :
    - Repair upgrade : decrease the time to repair base
    - Move upgrade : decrease the move recovery time
    - Capacity upgrade : increase the amount of building-slot in your base (so you can have more than 40)

    Command Center :
    - Range upgrade : increase the attack range (so you can attack further than 10 fields)
    - CP upgrade : decrease the cost of cp to attack
    - Capacity upgrade : increase the unit-slots in offense (so you can have more than 200)
    - CP Production upgrade : increase the CP production speed (well, maybe 20/h instead of 10/h)

    Defense HQ :
    - Capacity upgrade : increase the unit-slots in defense (so you can have more than 300)

    Defense Facility :
    - Repair upgrade : increase the repair effectiveness of defense

    Supports :
    - Range upgrade : increase support range

    Also, i'd love to see a new building :

    Trade Center : You can transfer from/to a base of your own only when it has this building. The transfer cost now depends on the levels of trade centers at both ends of the transfer (instead of the distance of the base). You can transfer from/to a base under attack. If the trade center is damaged, you can't transfer anymore from/to this base.

    Also, these new supplies could be fun to use :

    Shield : when you deploy the crate on a base, this base is put under a shield during 1 hour.

    Base repair : you can deploy this crate on a damaged base to instantly add a specific amount of repair time (you could deploy it on a fully repaired base, but you would be an idiot ^^). The amount of repair time would depends on the grade, just like resource crates.
  • gamerdruid
    5037 posts Moderator
    Some very interesting new and novel suggestions.
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
  • this a joke of a post, or is it serious
  • gamerdruid
    5037 posts Moderator
    At the time of the post, 3 months ago, it was serious. Please don't revive old threads when you don't add anything to the discussion!
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
  • Fix the problems before looking at new worlds EA!!
  • гандоны разрабы какого хрена в игру не пускаете . ублюдки столько денег угробил на игру а вы сволочи не даете нормально играть.
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