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Problems With Everything In Firestorm 9


  • Getting "Server Error in '/391' Application. Runtime Error" again.
  • Looks like the way we login into the game has been changed too, and that might be the reason of all the problems we're facing since yesterday. When I click on the favorite link like I'm doing it since many years, I'm directed to EA website login window, cannot start a new session to login my secondary account, cannot login to Firestorm 9, so far couldn't reach the change server section.
  • gamerdruid
    4426 posts Moderator
    There is an announcement about the change of logins in the Announcement forum.

    As side effect is that two logins is more difficult, but not impossible. I've managed it by using an incognito window alongside the normal chrome window.

    The issues with FS9 pre-date the changes so are not related.
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  • mogsi52
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    edited April 2018
    Well at least we know it can't possibly be a fault of any changes made to the login system. It is purely coincidence that the whole damn thing ceases to work after this change eh?
    Home page takes 3 coffees and a bacon sandwich to load. In-game server change does not work (I have stayed logged in on tib32 and tried to change to firestorm 9 in-game but failed)
  • well i cant change server .. and dont even start on fs9
  • gamerdruid
    4426 posts Moderator
    The in-game changer has worked a few times for me, I've not tried to go to FS9 with it, but the problems with FS9 could be the cause!
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
  • dont for me
    have to do it in options ingame .. but dont help if in 2 or more servers
  • gamerdruid
    4426 posts Moderator
    options>my games is the 'in-game' changer I'm referring to.

    I don't understand your statement 'if in 2 or more servers' - do you mean you're logged into 2 or more servers?
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
  • yes or have more than one tabbed game up
  • burritt00
    18 posts Member
    edited April 2018
    oh well... you saw the problem and restart the server, guess what, that did not solve the problems. that's something I do, "try to restart my computer" when things are not working well, as a regular person who is not involved in this as profession. I'm playing Angry Birds on my phone, I mean, a phone game, a smart phone application, just to spend my time while I'm in the taxi to work or back home from work. their graphics are better than yours, the way they handle their customers thousands of times better than yours, they are able to run 4 different challenges at the same time, and tens of thousands people playing their game, guess what, so rare I face a problem there, happened to me once or twice in almost 2 years. I get compensations for the errors I don't even notice. I believe, the real problem we're facing here is the people this huge company called EA works with. I think they are the cheapest employees they can find, and those employees, or, so much lack of talent on their profession, or, they don't give a **** about what their customers are saying or thinking or expecting (imagine that after all these years, there's still no base scanner implemented in the game, we need 3rd party scripts to do that). I started to believe that I'm paying money to play this game and in return I'm having problems because of some developers and managers and technicians hired for 500 € per month, whom they can never put their **** together to serve me. well, they even cannot announce a new server properly, two different announcements says three different things about a new server. Maybe time has come for EA to hire some administrators, developers, technicians, or whatever might be from Angry Birds, after all, Angry Birds have made it to a Hollywood movie too, while EA talks about such possibility as April's Fool Joke. I'm happy to see that at least EA is aware that they are nothing but a joke.
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  • well said. and all the while they keep hurrying to release new worlds! (how can they screw up a "smaller" world like F9?)
    anyways, periodic updates are now bare minimum EA. bare minimum.
  • Still down? Are we going to get some freebies at least for this waste of time? To think I've spent literally thousands of dollars on this game over the years too. You could at least throw me a bone for the inconvenience.
  • -SAS-nz84
    11 posts Member
    edited April 2018
    Hey EA, same problems for me. I can log in to all other servers apart from F9. Just get a runtime error. Also when i try to "switch servers' it just reloads the same page.

    Problem is the server is still online apparently and my cp is maxed out at 300, please fix fast
    FIrst time it happened i lost my main because i had jumped up to 2 wave and couldnt log on to shift back at 11pm, next morning predictably the base was dead.

    BTW 20k of funds to each player would be appropriate response, as they may wish to concentrate on other servers given the problems plaguing this one
  • mtnbob123
    7 posts Member
    edited April 2018
    Now I am getting warnings from EA games that someone tried to log in using my gmail account!!! Yes it was me!! Just like I have been signing in for 2 years!!!! Why is Firestorm 9 still down?? Over 24 hours now!!!!!

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  • OK,OK, Let's restart this **** again please!
  • I have disabled all scripts, emptied my cache, rebooted............
    still no Firestorm 9!!!!
  • To save using the whole screen mtnbob123 :P
    https://prnt.sc/j3l947 this is the error
  • Yes, identical.
  • I want my money back from this server. It has been a nightmare and feel like quitting game and going back to warcraft.
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