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PTE Temporary Unavailability Periods from 09th - 29th April

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Hello Commanders and Players of the PTE!

I would like to inform you, that over the course of the next few weeks we will have to repurpose the PTE for some internal testing. That will leave the PTE unavailable for the public for some periods during that time. These unavailability periods will happen rather spontaneously on short notice.

We will give ingame announcements whenever the PTE will become unavailable, however due to the varying nature and frequency of the testing process, we wont be announcing every downtime here on the forum. So please make also your fellow testers aware of the circumstances.

The duration of the unavailability may extend to several days as well, we are sorry for any inconvenience.

We thank everyone involved with the PTE for their efforts and hope you will keep on testing and providing feedback :)
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  • then you just need to start a new PTE server
  • iguanaworld
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    edited April 2018
    or leave it for future internal uses!
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    Always testing something
  • yeah what if there was an overall brand new pte
  • EE_Elephterion
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    We are not final on the reset of the PTE after that period of testing. We will announce any changes to PTE once we know more. However, what is your feedback to the last iteration of the PTE?

    We applied a regular config with a higher starting level. Any other configurations you would like to see in the future?
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  • Hi,

    It would be helpful to use the right mouse button to copy texts. I is constantly having to work with cumbersome Ctrl + C. I need the translator to be able to read mails.
  • Very helpful...
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