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W21 malus correction


  • Look at my picture!
  • apologies for the spam posts, kept telling me there was no discussion to post to, appreciate it if moderator could delete a couple of my entries
  • And now another poor customer service mistake - do you really think that giving us infected camps to kill makes up for such a poor decision? Try acknowledging you guys made a big mistake and fix it. Take responsibility for your actions.
  • So you screwed over the front line diggers TWICE on the server. No activated tunnels anywhere near the front, so they have to relocate to reach the infected!?! You are a bunch of jokes
  • snomann30
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    edited April 2018
    I'll tell Ea, can we like to have a dime for the money vultures and the inf.l pushes you in A .... :(
    You must be ashamed, want my money again.
  • Oh, and how about the fact that #1 and #2 are at war, and many mains are dead. Probably not going to get to kill any infected. Hard to do when you are dead and / or have no bonus.
  • Please -> if you see some infected camps send them to the center -> unfortunately i can´t activate 47er Tunnel atm :'( Guess LordE etc. would be pleased to

    Guys what a joke again - these company is just a laughing stock!!! Lets enjoy the summer and play a different game in the winter time
  • honk-228
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    sorry for google translation:

    A friendly hello to EA. Since you have not fulfilled my demand for repayment of funds for the world 21 and instead you start this senseless InfectetBattle you have made it. I'm finally through with you. After 1988 days playtime. You can keep the funds used, I am not for sale, donate rather for in need of needy able programmingcompanys. But one thing I will do, I will serve all my other worlds without funds, just to harm you, because as long as one is active, you can not switch off the world. But you no longer see money from me. Instead, I help all the little ones to come to the medal without a fundraiser. Your ignorance of paying customers is a joke.
  • gamerdruid wrote: »
    ralmik wrote: »
    gamerdruid wrote: »
    methuselah is a moderator here (like me), he couldn't make the changes so can't change it back or adjust it further.
    and who is able to do this?
    Whom we have to involve?
    Or is this Forum just a Fake?
    Meanwhile i'm really upset and just one step away from quitting the game!

    The staff at Envision are the ones who made the change, and I would suggest they're the ones to change it again.

    @enigm and @Pitchforka are the only staff that visit the forums.

    This forum isn't 'Fake', it just doesn't always provide the answers that players would want.

  • Amazing Still no reply from the supposed EA Gods @enigm or @Pitchforka. I have messaged them also with no reply. What a joke! EA has two whole severs extremely upset and lacks the customer service skills to answer to them. If this is how you do business you will not survive long in today"s world!
  • The challenge is almost half a day gone, and not even 2000 infected killed yet. Thanks EA for destorying a server that was a challenge, and being enjoyed by everyone there, until you had to ruin it for some mythical systems that the low malus supposedly broke.

    The server was working fine, you just weren't going to make as much money as you thought you would, so you tampered. If it really was "breaking" something, you would have given more detail.

    It hope it will cost EA/Envision more in the end from people who finally break their addiction and leave the game completely due to your lies
  • EA Great job i love the changes its so awesome i dont want my money back keep up the good work Ronny lol
  • C'mon @enigm and @Pitchforka ... while I suppose the addition of another round of infected bases is a, "Sorry, we screwed up" gesture (which in theory would be appreciated), when the only Infected bases within multiple days of move timer have an 80%+ moral/malus hit, it kind of feels like insult to injury. It still doesn't fix the need to relocate either... and relocating means my POI holders lose the POIs they're sitting on which doesn't work either. Just stuck here with my thumb up my *$% for another month.

    This forum post has gotten more traction than anything else I'm seeing. People are pissed. Do the right thing before everyone leaves for some other game.
  • M Fine with this malus thing its so awesome EA Did a g8 Job you guys only need to relocate 2 times then we all happy family
  • You officially helped end / kill the W21 server. UM PVP killed the last of Lush in the SW essentially winning the server. In the after math 13 Lush players Quit, and sold off their bases. So the server is Over, UM won, but did we really. IMO we fought hard, and so did Lush, and we came out on top. But You ( EA ) officially ruined the win for us now the server will always been known as the "EA Mess Up" server ( in language form will allow ).

    Such a shame you guys tried the money grab, wouldn't fix it even though we all requested it, and now we can run to center with 0 funds needed. Hope you are Happy. I am certainly not!

    Good Fight Lush Members that moved on, Hope to see alot of you again. This game or a new one we all pick to play. I understand those that choose not to play anymore , hit me up on skype, Vespin146, and we can pick a new game to spend our money on.
  • Vespin146 cannot find lol on skype
  • Vespin 1 then
  • or Vespin147, I was wrong with my Name!
  • I'm not spending another dime on this game until they fix this server, and I know many other players feel the same. Very idiotic decision for someone to make....
  • OK So another server broken by EA. I want to return my input into this server ......I really would like a refund for all the money I have wasted. Yes wasted .... by doing this stupid change you have once again totally stuffed up another server. First T26 and now here. Good job !!
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