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W21 malus correction


  • Now now puds ea doing great job i like this new change
  • Sometimes it is customary to bend the rules, if the rules was wrong 3 months as a "respected" company you should left this for our decision and not taking the power to your hands.

    all the front guys require to relocate or spending days to find a solution to the big situation that you brought us in.

    the new infected camp its a joke, the malus in the front its 40-80% for most of us, the camp appears only in the back front, you given challenge that doesn't effect any of stuck player in the world.

    Congrtz EA for ruin the world.

    for me it was crazy world with huge challenge and close battle till the center, instead of war in the front with diggers vs diggers we got EA curious decision and a lof of players in the world that spent they time and money for nothing.
  • I agree, change the server back to the way it was
  • The most amusing is the pathetic-no replay-reaction from developers ... I dont play in this server but I can feel the pain of the players. I am visiting the thread because I am very curious to see as to IF and WHEN and WHAT the developers will answer
  • I agree, change the server back to the way it was
  • If This sever is not returned as it was ,me and my alts will never trust EA again which means no more Funding in this game ever . EA just keep moving the goal posts so we need to spend more on every Mod .

    Ok you messed up from start but change it when Alliances are nearly at the Centre --Crazy . If its not Fixed I am gone for good. On all 12 Servers. I will find another Team Game .
  • How to effectively ruin a server (EA style)... change the rules after 3 months!!!

    Absolutely outrageous!
  • This server needs to go back. People are already leaving and setting up for the next world because they can no longer play. EA will lose revenue on this server due to their actions. Don't get me wrong, I will still purchase funds, but I will not apply them to this server.
  • EA and its developers could careless about this server. They screwed it up and we as players will be stupid enough to go to another server and still pay their salaries. If you want them to change the server back is what we all want do not go to a new server and start playing find another game with another company
  • bring it back please
  • I mailed enigm 2 times all i get is silence.... my inbox keeps up showing EMPTY

    i think after all this damage you have done to the players funding your salary and to the income f this server for ea also.

    the least we might expect is a reply. We might not like the reply but an official reply is the least a company called EA should do, this is what is normal in my real life world

    I dont give a fack if the reply is ... we in EA did the right thing and we will leave all as is.

    but hiding behind moderators who appearantly are in the forums for show is coward-less and disrespectful behavior

    in my own language: een stelletje laffe honden bij ea (use google translate for that from dutch to your own language if you want)

  • I-LiViNg-TaNk-I
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    Common EA Wake up ur loosing people ur loosing funding dont be greedy revert back changes n bring back pvp this game has become farmvill now at least let us farm n play . earlier we could get rp from pvp it was well balanced then u became greedy n completely removed pvp now u thought why not make more money from killing farming also ? so how do u want us to get rp ? ill give you idea y not have buy rp from funds 500 for 1 mil rp that way ull make more n more money . **** Shame on you Pigs.
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  • HI, i think you got a little mistake, moral should have been into the tib34 and not dooble into previous servers .... changing rules during a game isnt really professionnel
  • Very sad that EA hasn't responded pro-actively to all of the paying customers that have commented on this thread asking for them to correct an obvious mistake on Wrath21. Many players have left the server and most alliances are stuck in areas with bases that are now nearly un-attackable with their current levels of offense. Basically, EA has screwed all of the players on this server and expects them to spend alot more money to be able to add enough offense to progress, changing the rules after 3 months. I will NOT be spending any more money on this game until this is fixed, and I'd urge other players to move to other NON-EA games to spend your money on. I will be playing a few Blizzard games (primarily StarCraft II) from now on. Nuts to you, EA!
  • starcraft II... that with 300 clicks per minute recommended skill.. with a bit of an brain included.. insane lol
  • EA has not been responsive at all to their paying customers. To make such a major change to a world that has been running for months without regard to member feedback is absurd. Change it back or loose a bunch of paying members. Don't be stupid...listen to your customers....FIX this.....remove your patch!
  • I can tell you right now EA. I funded two accounts twice so far on this server. I won't be funding anymore after your changes to the server code. Enjoy the loss of my money. :)
  • back when pvp was a real thing i used to spend 50k ta funds every 15 days or less now i spend 20 k in 2 months that to i make a new account and get discount on on first time buyer lol max 14 $ for 2 months all i need 300 cp n 2d rt
  • oh forgot to mention 50 funds on 4 account each account 50k now i only use 1 account no point having any more account no gain from pvp 1 account = Command & Conquer : The FarmVill Edition
  • Guys I Still say dont push EA Or they gona remove tanks in next patch n put Tractors
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