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Black screen apear when trying to change to a new world

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The game is: Command & Conquer: Tiberium aliance
I start on world Europe 34, and later, opens Europe 35. I try to change server but apear a black screen.
I try the suport but they can´t help. I have done all they said, changing browser from GC, FF and IE, and also pc to a mac, also try my phone and apear the same. I have clean cache and cokkies and apear the some issue. They (support) said to explain my problem hear to see if someone can help.
Also, they dont have no more situation like this. Is true? I m the only one that cant change wolrd?
When this world end i cant play no more world because i cant change to a new one.
Can someone help me plz? I really dont have acess to diferent world, only that one.

Click the link to see if is the same as u.
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  • gamerdruid
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    Firstly, you're not the only one that can't change worlds. Most can now do so, but world changing has been an issue for nearly 2 months now, associated with login changes that have been made.

    As you have clicked on 'change server' from the front page, logout of the game (the logout link at the top of the screen) then log in. Try clicking on play - whatever it suggests as the world, go there! Then, in options in-game try to use the in-game change route. That may or may not work, but you will not get a black screen. The standard advice also applies, clear cookies (related to EA and the game), cache and history related to the game.

    Most have found a route into the world they wish to play - sometimes the work-around of a direct link is needed.

    Here are links to the two worlds you've mentioned:
    Tiberium 34 https://prodgame13.alliances.commandandconquer.com/392/index.aspx
    Tiberium 35 https://prodgame08.alliances.commandandconquer.com/394/index.aspx.
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  • CrusadersPT
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    I try to do as u said but i cant enter from main page. I enter using u link and to change i only can from inside the game going to option-my games...

    Already playing on the 35
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  • ejnarDK
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    Change world is still fubr, and yes, I've once again removed cookies, restarted, and all that s... in Chrome.
    Need direct link to W33 please. I think changing server location is scrambling the old direct links.

    Do fix this. It's been going on for way to long...
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