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Tiberium 8 not responding

Tiberium 8 is offline now for a long time, will it be back? Using direct url link, as switch worlds still does not work, if link has been updated, can someone provide a new working link.
i have https://cncapp03.alliances.commandandconquer.com/331/index.aspx but not working


  • hi gosa,
    u are not alone.. i can't get in either. they don't even give us a direct libk to log in. in the night the world was for some time offline but now it seems to be online again just impossible to get in
    somehow cool how this guys burn our funds and giving back - absutrly nothing!!
  • Hi Wizz :-) I'm done with EA and it's partners, I have never ever seen larger incompetance in the IT and especially in the gamer industry. I'm originally an Application Programmer and we always compared us to the gaming industry for how to code, but no more. The change world that has been broken for months now, every time a change has been implemented it has broke something. Wonder if this is outsourced to Timbukte and the areas around. If you contact EA directly, you get a BOT... wooot .. this is the end game for EA, not understanding where they make their money... See you in another game Wizz, or Tib_8, if they get their fingers out the a....
  • black7war
    5 posts New member
    Ive lost accounts that have gone offline and now back online i cant access them. Guys you got to sort this out. For weeks now we aint been able to change worlds. From the signin page. Now the only way we could do this was in the game. And that has also gone down.
    Without any option to access our accounts what the hell are we meant to do?
  • gamerdruid
    4429 posts Moderator
    Be patient - the two issues aren't directly related (although present to a user the same inability to play the game!). The issue with the change world was originally caused by the change from one system of log-in to another. For the majority, but not all, it was resolved. The current issue, is as I understand it, a load balancing one at the data centre and not directly the development team (although I could be wrong about that!).

    The people responsible worked last night to identify the issue and today to update software on servers which doesn't seem to have corrected the issue and has actually returned some of the log-in issues.

    Hopefully, Friday 13th won't live up to it's name!
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
  • 67 went off line last night (no apparent reason), so switched servers to wrath 9. Now I'm stuck there!
    Just get time out error when I try to switch back to 67. So 5 years of paying and work I'm not allowed to play but i have one little base on Wrath9 so mess around with. RESOLVE THIS ISSUE EA. Give compensation to all who have paid funds. You have essentially stolen the funds by closing servers and not fixing issues. And when I call customer support I'm told to "post it on the forum" so the webmasters can see the problem?????? You don't have computers at your desks EA help??? Disgusting.
  • Soixie
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    black7war wrote: »
    Without any option to access our accounts what the hell are we meant to do?

    Shut the computer down and enjoy life

  • Gamerdruid, as a moderator of the forum, I respect that You reply and share view, however for month, EA and any of their gamer developer or hosting partners, has been silent about issues, no official statement, no insight, no plan, no nothing but silence. While this is a "free" game, most people I play with have spend a huge amount of money in this, more than in any other game, can't believe the EA approach is a sustaineable business model. I think they will soon have a "Kodak" moment and "Blockbuster" themself ...
  • gamerdruid
    4429 posts Moderator
    I disagree that there has been no official statements.


    They are working to correct the issues at present, even on though it is a Saturday and not a normal working day.

    I have no information on which worlds will return or when, just they're working on them.
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
  • you call that a statement???? a day before he said all was going realy well with the server moves a day later my 2 servers move no prob yet then a day later they take the worlds offline for 30-60 minutes without any announcement and since then we can't play anymore
  • gamerdruid
    4429 posts Moderator
    There are others too and yes it is a statement. You may not like the content or agree with the sentiments expressed but it is a statement.

    Read the announcements section and you will see a number of statements about the login issues and now the move.

    The server move was going well, it was not anticipated that things would go downhill rapidly. The Titanic was going well until it wasn't!
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
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