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CnC support just told me they were ending the game

Another typical **** up day with EA. Firstly the game is NOT ending.
Secondly to lock down a topic without a half decent answer is deplorable, moderators my A
I posted this as a question 2 months ago and got no response (EA help don't support this game anymore so where do we go for help?). Less blah blah blah and more factual information is required. Every time they change some thing they stuff it up a multi billion dollar company what a joke, but it has all been said before


  • I have to agree with you Wasnme. Technical support calls you from India or Pakistan. After wading though the accent we get passed off to another technical support and get no answers, just. We're looking into it.
    Wonder what they've been doing for the last 4 months this login and server change issue has been going on.
  • I got the same thing today talking to text support. To be fair I was asking about world 104 and he said something like it was being faded out. I still can not log into world 104.
  • I am locked out of world 71!
  • I can not log into world 103 for 2 days. If I try it says the world n/a
  • Yes another f*** up day at EA, doing nothing to fix existing problems at existing servers. Information to players which world is N/A or down - is seriously bad or non-existing.
    How can they turn a succesful C&C concept into such shameful crap - basically just a money machine with NO customer support !!
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