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If you can't fix the worlds/servers, don't open new ones

I believe it's fraudulent to knowingly sell a defective product in the State of California. It appears Ea is doing this. Opening new servers/worlds while knowingly having a problem with all servers logins, essentially denies players who have already paid access to their games. Promoting new servers to multiply this problem appears to me to be total incompetence at best and criminal fraud at worst.

Since EA won't address our problems, I really doubt they will pay any attention to our complaints unless we take civil action or make criminal complaints.


  • it was fine before they started messing with it there is a saying that if it is not broke don't fix it
  • I agree to BluRose4. It's close to fraud to start new servers, while at the same time doing nothing to fix existing problems at existing servers. Information to players which world is N/A or down - is seriously bad or non-existing.
    Situation is near to my bottom-line and I simply soon want to leave and NEVER LOOK BACK FOR EA - any of their products. How can they turn a succesful C&C concept into such shameful crap - basically just a money machine
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