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next PTE settings

I am asking what is planned for the next PTE reset? The only thing I ask is that the next setting is very challenging in nature. I really wanted to fight a base 6 levels higher than me whilst cutting on repair costs. If the next firestorm world is challenging, it will award persistent and highly motivated players and discourage severe multi-accounting. I really one to see a world on start that is highly challenging. E.g. first person to join will see a lvl. 15 to 17 forgotten base within attack range.


  • No concrete info yet, we will probably reset PTE when we are ready for 18.3 or FS10
    Envision Entertainment Community Liaison
  • let's hope no autocheat script anymore its totally no fun if a program does all the work
    so fall back to pte2 every day new caps
  • gamerdruid
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    The problem with the 'everyday new caps' scenario is when the caps are placed. Players that join even a few hours late missed out on the caps for days. Those a few days late from the start missed out for weeks until they were renewed for everyone.

    If the caps were renewed every 48h automatically (with a 7d rt cap and 7d 700cp cap) then it would be a good PTE.

    I agree, part of the problem of the current PTE is that there are scripts that nearly everyone uses for a) auto-cheating b) auto-farming.

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