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Forgotten should be considered an alliance and receive the bonus of all unclaimed POI on the server, receiving all offensive, defensive and base ranks and bonus' available for whatever tier they obtain.


  • Interesting idea. Obviously they would not get to receive the full bonus, otherwise even the low level Bases would be insanely difficult with an entire worlds worth of Defense bonus alone.

    While FOR bases don't really require economy, they don't level up like players, they just spawn, resource POIs could still boost the rewards a Base provides.
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  • Soixie
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    One of my co-CIC's agreed, he suggested there be 8 FOR alliances, one for each sector.

    I disagree about this potentially making the forgotten too powerful, levels 15-20 are ridiculously easy and once you get rolling in power it snowballs.
  • gamerdruid
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    Further to this discussion, I had some thoughts (stop groaning!)

    On Forgotten attacks worlds with no morale:

    If the forgotten were to be considered an alliance, all aspects of fighting them could be changed by the POI's held by the players alliance.

    For example, the Attack POI's (Tungsten, Uranium and Aircraft) held by Player Alliance could be used to multiple the attack levels of the forgotten too. Each part would have a random element, so Tungsten held with bonus of 65% would give forgotten a boost of 60-70% calculated as a random number between -5 and +5, the same for each of the Uranium and Aircraft POI's.

    The crystal and tib gain by a player for attacking a fg base (not outpost or camp) would also be done in the same way - a gain of 900 000/h could translate into a multiplier of the level of the crystal gained from winning the attack (only). Same for tiberium.

    Power POI's could translate into a credits multiplier for killing the fg bases. A 900 000/h boost POI level cold translate to a multiplier of the credits gained.

    Resonators held by a player alliance could also be used, with the random element, to boost the defence levels of the fg, or increase morale on a fg attack world with morale.

    On worlds with Morale but no fg attacks:

    A similar system can be employed, but using attack POI's to generate extra resources gained from fg bases.

    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
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