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Worlds being Bullied

It is a shame that on soome worlds those who are the strongest have the need to be total **** and destroy any chance of other alliances from reaching the center after they are done. One example is W22 where a bunch of jerks are being the typical schoolyard bully and destroying anyone who is not part of the little clique they have and then if they destroy you and you say anything they will harass you will no end resutling in many players leaving that world after playing fair with all. Yes I know this is a war but why do these juvenile delinquent feel the need to be total **** and treat others like trash. I could really care less about them but such is the way of the worlds now. When i was on W45 we helped many other players achieve the goal of killing the fortress in the name of fair play but the alliances called Angry Birds are not this way in the least.


  • I too have lost to the Angry Birds. It made beating them 2 worlds later more satisfying.
  • taihbsear wrote: »
    but such is the way of the worlds now.
    Unfortunately the game emulates real life!

    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
  • Welcome to life. Through hard work, patience and money comes rewards worthy of your efforts.
  • gamerdruid wrote: »
    taihbsear wrote: »
    but such is the way of the worlds now.
    Unfortunately the game emulates real life!

    Yes it does I had actually quit playing all together for this very reason. There are so many keyboard cowboys who think they are gifts to the gaming world who have no life skills what so ever. I play a little and then go do real world things.
  • methuselah
    439 posts Senior Moderator
    I don't really think that is bullying. Make no mistake I don't emulate nor support the behavior but at the end of the day this is a war game, kicking ****, or getting your **** kicked, is simply part of the game. Now if they are taking that to another level, meaning taunting via PM or chat, etc. that is most certainly a different animal.

    If they are simply defending the center as if this was King of the Hill? Nah.
  • Not defending but trying to control the whole world and telling others they can only be in a certain sector or they will die which in the end they lied about that as well. If you say anything to them when you are destroyed they will simply keep hounding you all over the map. I personnally do not have any use for these types of players or alliances and tend to avoid them like the plague as the high and mighty attitudes are a problem in all the games online and in the real world.
  • You allow strangers in your home, your kitchen, in your bedroom and kick you out of your own castle? Sounds like you simply refuse to respect what others have built and worked hard to obtain, achieve and play the game to the fullest it has to offer and instead demand it all for free. This is the very definition of entitlement.
  • Hey Guys, ive played with ABs on about 3 servers, they're a great alliance and after they hit the ff they ensure their wings get the next hits. If you cant handle that you should play a different game lol. Theres no good reason to hand it out to others who never helped.

    BTW Xianthrope, can you tell us when you bet them 2 worlds later? I think you're dreaming my friend ^^
    Xianthrope wrote: »
    I too have lost to the Angry Birds. It made beating them 2 worlds later more satisfying.

  • If you played in a wing alliance and helped the main alliance beat their enemies and take the fortress, would you be happy if they just abandoned the world and left you to fight for the next badge alone. No, you’d be pretty gutted.
    The main AB alliance will always stay back on every conquered world and help all the wing alliances take down the fortress. It’s not bullying, and it’s not trying to block anyone from badging, it is the complete opposite.
    If you feel you are more deserving of the next medal than the wings of the conquering alliance, then you fight for it, you don’t come on the forums and whine that a war game is not all kum ba yah and daisy chains!

    Xianthrope, we’re still waiting to hear which world it was that you beat AB on, everyone is starting to smell some bull**** 😁
  • you also should take into account that per badge only 50 people can do it. at the end 250 AB players will have it and that in a record time again ... for sure much faster than on other servers on which the first ally leaves after it is done... the middle time for a badge in AB wings is 1,5-2 months... so chill a bit until all is done.
  • Like SAS was saying above, Angry Birds are very cool people. It is a successful group that is built on teamwork, loyalty, and developing game skills. We play hard and have a lot of fun.

    The situation with taihbsear's alliance (Pee Wee Herman Gang) on Wrath 22 can be condensed into one major issue: While Angry Birds was at war with the other major dominant alliance over the server (Kindergartenbande), Pee Wee moved into the battlefield and took the POI when ruins vanished. After Angry Birds won the battle, Pee Wee were informed the area was conquered by Angry Birds and Pee Wee had to leave and Pee Wee refused.

    Unfortunately for taihbsear he is not in a position to say how things will go and his personal goals on Wrath 22 are harder to achieve than he would like.

    The word "Bullying" is very significant in schools, where a hostile environment detracts from the mission of education. But is a silly word to use towards a rival in a game about building weapons and conquering territory. It means that someone tried to take something by force and lost the fight, and they now say the winner is evil. Is totally senseless in my opinion.
  • in all server is same situation, after main, the next is wings! and yes, pee wee was juste oportunist in our war against ****, they was thieves of poi's!

    regards, saio
  • Who's bullying ???
    tell me and i will hit them xD

  • Okay fact, fiction, real life, game play, and anything else that fits this post :)

    To the Author!! For the record I, myself, me, yep the Ozzie drop bear, point of view and clarity!
    I was involved in one the first assembled Angry Birds team , this was a selection of players from many worlds that was over the past History of over funded , Argumentative, self-centred, self-gaining/Players/ persons/members and not leaving out amalgamated demanding teams that ran wrought in many worlds prior to Wrath9 Hmmm maybe too much but at some stage each and every one of us new and old players, had experience the above during the course of our attempts to learn and complete the goal , a game of chess yes! but ask yourself , did you not at some stage ask yourself or wish that you could change the past events and stop any single team locking down centre for a period of time , just to increase the tactics to a point that you become a victim to the conquering team , ( yes part of the game they had down pat )

    Well by now i suppose you’re going to ask where i am going with this, Simple!! yes i was one of those players, trying to respect all and understand how one person’s word today could also be a false enticement to follow a path only to be left in the cold after many hours of effort to be part of the reason for the team to go to centre or fight a war you had no understanding but followed as a loyal soldier,
    However a pat was made and you’re in the cold with many new friends, within a team that now has little strength to fight

    Yes we all have been there,
    Well to the Author!! We asked for a change, we wanted to see the end to dictatorship from the same teams in every world! and hence these players banded together to put up or shut up, many past friends and many new guys in the names of sorrow, war, sass, and many other friends that formed and became a unit no one was prepared for, especially the Germans that went against us and lost in a very short calculated war, only to see the outstanding effort of The Angry Birds win the world, and yes control the centre, from this become what we set out to destroy, BUT with a twist,
    In some form we remain on this world , basically war free , and basically to badge all players that wished to badge , Not under the AB banner but under their own rightful Alliance in most cases where possible,

    you ask where my facts come from , okay a lonely foot soldier , a part of angry birds , a player with nothing more to gain from that world or reason to diplo ,school ground complaints, and an urge for the feeling of fresh blood within another world , this person never held even a veterans statue, but somehow put his game time aside , kept his account funded stayed loyal to Angry Birds and his command and still remains today calling out in world forums for any None badge player to join the next run,

    I am that person Harry150568, the Ozzie drop bear. I find your post false, misleading and childish without merit!! not leaving out insulting to the 300 plus members of C and C that I assisted to badge as a very green Cic, that remains on this world to past on the teaching's I have learnt from many dear friends from across the globe, A couple from time immoral Rompox /Mee026/Saio and sorry many more that assist my growth and in respect i tried to pass on,
    //I Believe Therefore I AM //
    How can you accuse, when we are you, when we came together, when it was required, so there for we are you taihbsear

    Angry Birds Rock, respect to my friends out there, may we remember from where we have come! And how we use that, to crush what we dislike the most

    The Ozzie drop Bear
    Harry the lonely foot soldier that still has no idea what he is doing lmao
  • Well said harry... s4ivd3yrktmp.png

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