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Super Weapons for defensive and digging purposes

I thought of my own idea on how to implement super weapons. This one involves an artillery support that can't provide protection from its own base or other bases. It can only be built once in any base the player has available. You could sell it and place it in another base. It has a research cost that is the equivalent of a 2nd MCV. It also has an upgrade cost similar to other artillery support.
If a base with a super weapon is selected, it gains a function that allows it to target a base and attack it. It then gets a recoil of one day; trying to relocate, build one super weapon or move to a new position resets the timer recoil for half a day. This means that it can only be used defensively. Its range is the same as how far you can attack using the same base. To launch an attack, the base must be filled to the brim in both Tiberium, Crystal and Power. All these resources are used in the attack.
The damage dealt is uniform to all units, this is what it looks like : (Player Level / Target level) x 100% remaining health. If the percentage is lower than 100, the base survives. If the target is a forgotten base, research points are awarded. No Tiberium or Crystal is awarded even if you blow up a player's base. In the replay of the target, a shock-wave spreads from the construction yard as if it was destroyed, leaving all units and structures with the specified health.


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