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Scrin faction?

Will we ever see a scrin faction in this game? Or maybe replace forgotten with scrins in upcoming worlds?


  • Thats currently not planned. Tiberium Alliances focuses on the Forgotten War between C&C 2 and 3.
    Envision Entertainment Community Liaison
  • Speaking of factions, is there any plans to add sub-factions? Like Steel talons, Zocom, Black hand or Marked of Kane. All it needs are new skins at the least and new units if there's enough resources to make them. By means of resources; time and money, like 1 M US dollars or something.

    The Scrin were never part of a tiberium infested location in any game outside of C&C 3. Normally at a Tiberium infested are, there are forgotten, Tiberian wildlife and Visceroids. I would like to see the latter two in upcoming worlds! Lets say visceroids are suicide bombers and the tiberium wildlife are 2 tile ranged attackers.
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