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Command & Conquer 5

We all know Command & Conquer and we all know that the fourth part, a single chaos was ... I recently got the Command & Conquer Ultimate Collection and had to check out the alarm in Red 1, Kane to Stalin in The meeting room comes in, whispering in his ear and disappears again.
May be that it was then at the expense of Westwood Joseph David Kucan jumped, since he was also one of the developers.
But ... what if Command & Conquer 5 could be used just this happy coincidence and let the Teberium series and the alarm level red series flow together. The Kane is not the first time in the time traveled, why not so the parts flow together ... The Kane quasi rear rum NOD found ... Also see The minerals you can collect there is something like Tiberium. This could be the beginnings of the Tiberium saga and the end of the red alert alarm.
Of course it is essential that the rebuilding can be built ... otherwise Command & Conquer, no Command & Conquer.
And to develop new units, one could occupy the old units with new graphics.
Even my childhood feelings would come up again.

I have a few pictures, which everyone knows what I mean .... can I paste this here somewhere?


  • methuselah
    428 posts Senior Moderator
    There is an insert image where you can hit that and attach jpg's.
  • I have an idea maybe do something with cabal rising and bringing back cane or something but cane is a scrin being or do the idea of mixing the command and conquer games and please don make like the 4rth one make like the third one that was fine. Cabal would rise after a while activating after cane leaves cabal would start chaos and do his cybernetic thing again he would then try to get cane back or something and try to take over earth
  • Hopefully Ea can restor the c&c series it would be nice to see the games come back it would be a challenge for Ea no offense
  • Some time after the story of tiberian twilight, the scrin come back to destroy the human race as announced at the end of tiberium wars, but GDI has grown strong during this period of peace without nod. the invasion begins bringing the war back to the earth. Kane come back with an army formed by the ones that ascended before him and robots controlled by cabal to reclaim the earth and the human race as its owned creature. his followers remained on the earth come back at fight and with kane. They rebuild the brotherhood faction. Now the objective of kane is to challenge god itself, the supreme of the scrin, to avenge his exile on the earth. During his permanence on the other side, he stole the best scrin military tecnology to build efficent weapons to protect the earth. at the end of the fifth chapter kane is about to build an army to invade the scrin planet. the style of the game sould be like tiberium wars but with better graphics. some ex red zones on the earth were not cleaned, so some maps of the game sould be rich of tiberium and crystal formations emerging from the ground. this is an idea to save the saga
  • Ban_Bankotsu_BR
    2 posts New member
    edited January 2019
    For me, I would like a new C & C5 to add more factions and class system or generals

    Factions (4 or 5 factions):
    * GDI
    * NOD
    * Forgotten (The Forgotten)
    * Scrin
    * Cabal forces (maybe Cabal's forces should come only to "C&C5 expansion" or a future "C&C6")

    I would like to see a system of classes or generals, for example:
    - Choose a NOD focused on tanks, or a NOD focused on infantry or a defensive NOD ....  this would bring unique units, unique upgrades and unique buildings.

    There could even be a system of microtransactions, but it would just be cosmetic: change the look of your tank, troops and base.
  • Peter_Casapi
    1 posts New member
    Ok so, no loot boxes of any kind, put base building back in, realise this isnt a battle royal or mobile game. Oh and give the franchise to someone who cares about somerthing other than money.
  • FireMannnn
    1 posts New member
    Honestly i think that somehow all of the timelines should connect and it would be like 100 years after kane left and all the alternate realities get connected by worm holes and they all agree they need to find the scrin and defeat them in space and there own plant once and for all
  • 2712200316
    1 posts New member

    Tieing them together into one time line actually was part of the plan. Unfortunately, EA bought Westwood out and pretty much screwed that plan up. According to the founders of West Wood and creators of C&C, Kane was to appear in the second Red Alert and then the 3rd Red Alert was to tie into C&C1 with the creation of GDI and Nod coming out of the shadows. The only way it will happen now is if the founders of West Wood buy the C&C franchise from EA which EA apparently isn't willing to sell at this point in time.
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