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LogIn error / lost crates /can't change world / Options fail 25/26th Jan


  • Wraith 21 again... all crates missing... also new crates don't post to the account.
  • Can't make purchases to add to capacities.
  • What is going EA, all my crates supply gone on W36 ?????
  • After the base is destroyed, Suply Grate will not get Worlds 75 and Tiberian 36 Worlds are not coming.
  • All my supply crates have vanished!
  • Rangerfm
    3 posts New member
    just as i stated started say with 11 hrs ago lostanything bought and saved crates give 0 and cannot buy but thnak god no funds taken ..
  • somewhat related, I'm on w 102 and all of a sudden all my packages have disappeared, I've rebooted and still no packages,
  • Same on W22....After spending countless hours, days, and months to build up resources just to see it get wiped out is inexcusable! Not only did I lose all my resources and did not receive any bonus resources with crates but I lost a lot of command points and recovery time. This needs to be fixed ASAP!
  • This is senseless garbage! Not only did I lose everything I have been storing since I started on Wrath 22, but command points and recovery time...Straight garbage!
  • Is ea starting on the 19.1 patch?
  • efgyuj
    2 posts New member
    option button is not working. can't switch to other worlds or sub.
  • Same on W21 - lost over 100 crates of CP - I am sure EA will find and fix this problem I hope.
  • lost all crates in wrath 21?
  • simps_uk
    2 posts New member
    same option button not working
  • having trouble logging in, missing supply crates, options tab not working, unable to access subs and being logged out of My account while in game, almost the same issues as last update,when will this be resolved?
  • rd054
    posts New member
    You guys need to do something about getting kick off all time
  • I can not open the substitutions that I have, this happens after the maintenance that has been given to the game, I do not know what happens but there are many faults in the game after doing those jobs, it is really annoying to be cleaning, deleting, restarting and / or looking for a solution every time they do this.
    I manage 13 accounts in several worlds and this is very problematic for me.
    Can you give me a solution?
  • Also having the same problem, options tab to change worlds not working, and supply crates are all missing
  • I have a similar problem on wrath22!!
  • jhbbb33
    2 posts New member
    This has happened to me on W22. Lost all my resources and also don't receive any bonus with crates. This needs to be corrected! What a pisser! jhbbb
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