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LogIn error / lost crates /can't change world / Options fail 25/26th Jan


  • Hi,

    On Tib26, I can not use funds, and can not reach the subbed accs because clicking on Options does nothing.
    Cache deleted and logged in again - no changes.

  • I went into my supply packages today and noticed that all of my command points, crystals , energy, etc are all showing zero. I had over 230 command points and as of today zero is showing. Even the packages that I accumulated through active play today do not appear in supply crates, so not sure what may be causing this to happen. My supply packages appeared to be working prior to the most recent update 1/22/19. Please help or advise
  • Yeah, its the same for me. All packs are gone. I cant buy anything either (it says: "Transaction failed: Account Error")... any suggestions?

    // Krusch
  • I've got funds, but it wont let me buy crates!
  • After restarting 5 times, my option button started to work and I could reach my subs... but all the other stuff (crates missing etc) are not working....
  • Same problems W30
  • Its start today
    Only green circle going round and round and round in change box
  • Yup....all gone. Lets hope they unscrew it.....thats a lotta loot...
  • yes same here, and when it does work can not use the option button in game world also or funds so its broken again
  • same trouble here on veteran 5 https://prnt.sc/mcdrtf
  • hmm seems to be only on veteran servers??? EA try to kill them ^^or its just an error?
  • same here in-game change worlds is gone option button not working anymore

  • Radix002
    4 posts New member
    same here, cant change server even in game option or homepage
    what the hell actually heppened? no answer from EA about this problem at all tho
  • After login you can change between worlds using direct links:
    World8 Spain - https://cncapp02.alliances.commandandconquer.com/149/index.aspx
    World19 Spain - https://cncapp05.alliances.commandandconquer.com/297/index.aspx
    It's working at this moment
    Not a part of EA / Envision teams - My comments are only mine.
  • IOWV
    2 posts New member
    EA you really have messed it up this time WHY is it everytime you do a maintainace something gose wrong with the game, I have lost ALL resourses on all 12 worlds I am on and not a word from you saying you are aware of the problem and trying to get it sorted at least thank god you have not lost the funds on my account
  • I can't change world but a friend is telling to me he can change: http://prntscr.com/mcdzgm
    Not a part of EA / Envision teams - My comments are only mine.
  • tollybolly70
    2 posts Member
    edited January 2019
    also on wrath 22 all my supply packages are gone
  • gamerdruid
    5037 posts Moderator
    This error with crates has already happened before and is not a failure of the game itself, but it is part of EA's communications infrastructure, which has 24x7 support.
    There is some connection failure between the game servers and the databases where the logistics data of each player is stored.

    This is the cause of the errors. The infrastructure does have 24x7 support, unfortunately it doesn't always pick up the fact the game has an issue.

    The Envision team are aware of the issue and have reported that the EA network is indeed having issues. As they are aware of the issue a team will be working to resolve them.

    Fund, crates etc have not been lost and will return when the issues are resolved.
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
  • essars
    1 posts New member
    Appears same problem everywhere. All my crates gone on 26 and 13.
  • All my supplies read zero. I have destoryed a camp with a crate in it and nothing shows up?
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