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Clicking on links not working

When I click on base info nothing happens or when I try and click on a player name nothing happens. I was unable to click on someone to invite them to the alliance, I tried clicking on their name loads, from a message, from alliance rankings and tried clicking on members in the alliance roster and nothing happens.


  • I had the same problem. Xdaast did a major change to the center driven script pack in the last 36 hours. He deleted a bunch of scripts and one of the remaining ones -- i couldn't figure out which one -- is depending on something that was deleted. I turned a bunch of his scripts off and finally clicking links works again. Also, I found that once you click on a link that doesn't work, your game actually freezes, so yeah, that's awesome.
  • I am still having the same problem even after deleting all center driven scripts.
  • gamerdruid
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    Try disabling other scripts running - or tampermonkey/greasemonkey to eliminate the scripts as the issue.
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