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Latest World problems - The infected

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I normally take part in these challenges, in fact if you were to look up you would find that I am generally in the top 5. However!!!!!!!! This latest challenge???????? Kill the infected camps, as normal with one twist........................ THERE ARE NO INFECTED CAMPS. So how do you take part in an event where there is no way you can actually take part.

I do want an answer to this as it ruins my score, plus I like being in the top 5

MOD EDIT: Email addresses removed

I have lost count in how much I have spent over the years so I do require a direct answer.

Also how do I manage to keep in the stages of this challenge where I can not even find one infected camp to destroy!!!?!??!??!?!??!

Totally unfair

yours peeved
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  • The challenge has now ended so fewer and fewer infected will be around to kill.

    Infected only appear in the proximity of areas where a player (or group in an alliance) control both a POI and tunnel that are close together and you only gain during a challenge if the infected are close to the same level as your base - so killing level 30 infected with a level 40 base is not counted.
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