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Cncopt offline

Cncopt has gone offline. Is anyone familiar on why it suddenly stopped working? I have been able to access this yesterday, but now it is no longer working.Now I can't optimize base layouts anymore by using Cncopt! :(


  • Arfandbark
    2 posts New member
    Same problem here. It appears to have affected sub requests, also...
  • Sub requests? Cncopt is a website that's not in direct connection to sub requests. Something must have broke that in the most recent patch. I knew that Cncopt uses adobe flash. My guess is that its either taken down or its license has expired. It exactly stopped on March 1, maybe a new one based on HTML 5 would appear. I want someone like @gamerdruid to investigate upon this issue.
  • AlkalyneD4
    61 posts Member
    edited March 2019
    It's not a problem with flash, the whole server is down, maybe because of billing issue, hope it will come back
    AlkalyneD4, cnc-map.com/ccta-stats.com developer
  • RedK8
    32 posts Member
    I had come here to post that it was offline, not working just a few minutes ago but realized others had already done so. So I went back to game and now its working again.
  • Nice that the server is back online. Did it go from Flash to HTML 5? Also it should add forgotten attacks support or something.
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