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Keyboard Hotkeys not working in Firefox

This appears to be an issue with Firefox, and has progressively gotten worse. It started about a month or so ago where I can no longer use the arrow keys to toggle between bases. This resulted in me having to click each base individually. It at least allowed me to use (d) to upgrade buildings. This week that too has gone away. I am not using any sort of scripts, using ver. 66.0.2 of Firefox. Chrome is working fine. On world 42. Its a real pain when you have 31 bases to click through.


  • Thanks for the pointer, I noticed some hotkeys under Firefox are gone too, but afaik this was not by our doing. I'll see if we can restore them with the next update.

    Can you tell me all the hotkeys you noticed that have gone dead?
    Envision Entertainment Community Liaison
  • Honestly.... it looks like almost ALL of them. Here is a complete list that I am aware of... and I have tried each and confirmed that they are not working in Firefox. I am glad that you are seeing similar issues.

    On the base panel:

    left/right arrows to toggle between bases
    up/down arrows to toggle between buildings/defense/offense
    t = transfer resources
    a = repair building/units
    s = move buildings/units
    d = upgrade buildings/units
    f = sell buildings/units
    c = collect base resources
    q = view base
    w = view defense
    e = view offense

    On the attack panel (some here work). These are the ones that don't:

    z = deactivate all units
    x = deactivate unit
    a = repair unit

    I don't use all of these typically, but I certainly use the left/right/up/down arrows. AND... not having those can be a real headache if you have many bases.

    Thanks for checking... glad it wasn't just me... but I may be one of the few people that use them. =)
  • EE_Elephterion
    1689 posts Envision Developer
    Thanks for your time, i'll look if it can be enabled again somwehow.
    Envision Entertainment Community Liaison
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