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Bases complementarias

Pregunta, cuantas bases complementarias y me refiero a puestos de abanzada y campamentos hay por bases propias, el juego tiene estipulado una cantidad o es discrecional, lo de las bases fantasma es otro tema, esas aparecen y desaparecen sin que ninguno de ustedes pueda darme una explicacion coherente.-


  • gamerdruid
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    Unfortunately the translator made a mess of this one, so unless you re-phrase it or someone can ask in English it is unlikely I can help.
    Maybe @nefrontheone can help as he often does :wink:
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  • nefrontheone
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    edited January 2019
    Perhaps it is a question oriented to the developers who know completely the mechanics of the game.
    The question, restated in a different way, could be:
    - How many camps and outposts does the game generate for each player's base?
    - Is that number determined or random at all times?
    It also indicates that we have not been clear about the "phantom bases" although the available clarifications have already been offered.
    Quizás sea una pregunta orientada a los desarrolladores que conocen completamente la mecánica del juego.
    La pregunta, replanteada de una forma diferente, podría ser:
    - ¿Cuántos campamentos y puestos avanzados genera el juego por cada base de un jugador?
    - ¿Ese número es determinado o aleatorio en cada momento?
    También indica que no hemos sido claros en lo relativo a "bases fantasma" aunque ya se le han ofrecido las aclaraciones disponibles.
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  • gamerdruid
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    Thank you for the interpretation of the question. Yes, it's one for the developers but I can offer what we've been told or learnt over time.

    There are no limits on the number of camps/outposts generated by each player base and over time the number does seem to vary. The detailed rules for the generation of outposts and camps have not been shared, nor would I expect them to be.
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
  • Hola!

    Están surgiendo problemas desde el fin de semana para poder entrar al juego y (en mi caso) cambiar de mundo. Está reportado y están trabajando con ello. Si ya estás autenticado puedes acceder a cada mundo que juegues introduciendo la URL del mundo al que quiere entrar, tienes una lista casi completa en el siguiente hilo: https://forums.ea.com/en/commandandconquer/discussion/239431/direct-route-to-worlds-during-login-world-changing-problems

    Problems are emerging from the weekend to enter the game and (in my case) change the world. It is reported and they are working with it. If you are already authenticated you can access each world you play by entering the URL of the world you want to enter, you have an almost complete list in the following thread: https://forums.ea.com/en/commandandconquer/discussion/239431/direct-route-to-worlds-during-login-world-changing-problems
    Not a part of EA / Envision teams - My comments are only mine.
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