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Layout blocking

Despite the in-game marker system, many noobs still block layouts. Perhaps a confirmation dialog should be presented warning on the initial click:
"You are about to move next to a layout marker. Do you wish to continue... Ok or Canel"


  • gamerdruid
    4868 posts Moderator
    Only players in your alliance can see the markers. It is up to the CiC to police there use if you have newbie players.
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
  • Yes, I know. But it happens an awful lot still. A warning or something (to players in the same alliance) may make them more effective. Just an idea.
  • Soixie
    576 posts Member
    edited April 2019
    Boot them from the alliance and destroy the base blocking you, this provides many benefits;
    1. You can create a base where your marker is
    2. Gets the attention of the player pretending to be dumb (they are actively ignoring you through passive aggression)
    3. Said player learns not to ignore you next time
    4. Said player becomes smarter by learning from their mistake
    5. Said player in then able to contribute to the alliance better through increased cooperative teamwork
  • tokenting
    117 posts Member
    edited April 2019
    I see no mention of when the OP is putting the marker on... it is unrealistic to expect that space to be free in a busy area for a long time. Better way is for people to send sub to the commanders for use in case of layout blocking and make the time of putting the marker low, say 1 day. Low timer means that people don't just ignore the markers. Alternatively, you could block the layout urself well in advance with one of your farms. I don't think the game itself needs any improving in respect to this, it's more of an alliance organisation issue.
  • sit on top of layout with main or farm base ... no blocking then ......
  • Jilliazeli
    3 posts New member
    There is multiply issues involving this, one is the language barrier, two is the dont give a rats **** attitude, three is they may want your layout, and four is you may not want to kick a great player because real life created an issue of absence for a few days. As druid mentioned, it is up to the alliance Leadership to render the proper proto call on violations involving members blocking or squating on other members found future layouts. The Forum page topic of layout reservations seems to remind gamers of players who have located their future layout (within a modest time frame), otherwise, Leadership sets guidelines of, say 48 hours, and a gamer maybe removed from the roster for being in violation of said rules. 3 Cents..Z
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