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Good morning everyone, I would like to know when is going to start a new world PT BR, I love this game and I miss my friends.


  • gamerdruid
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    edited May 2019
    There will be no new worlds of the type you are asking about, Portugese - Brazil. As anyone can join any world server they now produce only 3 - Tiberium XX for European timezone usually starting at 12noon in the summer period, UTC+2 timezone, Wrath XX for the Americas time zone starting around 4pm (16h in the UTC+2 timezone) and Firestorm XX.

    The Tiberium and Wrath have 'normal' rulesets, variations on Forgotten attacks, Malus and both or none.

    Firestorm is now used for 'special' rulesets and layouts and can start at either timezone time, or some other time.

    There are also special worlds such as the World Championship Server and the Veteran Servers. The latest WCS was started recently and there has been no Veteran servers in 2019.
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  • ArcanjoxD
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    I understand, at what date will it be next, I say the new world next?
  • methuselah
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    Keep your eye on the main landing page for announcements on new worlds


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