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Tiberian 40 - Request to Developers to Reduce Malus

Tiberian 40 is a small world without forgotten attacks and a high degree of malus/moral/willingness. The level of malus is extremely high for such a small world. None of the alliances are able to advance at a reasonable rate.

Currently alliances are moving about 5 fields towards center before running into bases that have 50% malus or higher, forcing them to have to stop and farm down malus for an extended period of time, and then dig forward another 5 fields. It’s an unreasonable rate of movement towards center due to such a high level of malus on such a small world where the Forgotten Base levels rapidly increase towards center.

At the rate we're going, an alliance won't reach center for another 5 months (assuming there’s no pvp). Classic servers should have some malus, but if it’s too high players spend too much time farming and get bored. We estimate we’re spending 3 times the normal amount of farming on a regular classic server.

We kindly request a reduction in malus/moral so there is a more reasonable rate of movement towards center, and a good balance between farming and digging.


  • Its true we are practically stationary. There is little or no need to fund as we cant dig bases out anyway. Go on turn it down a bit and let us go to the center.
  • Sniper2647
    7 posts New member
    Yes, please reduce the malus. Guys are getting bored with all the farming we have to do just to move a few fields forward, or else blow two day's worth of CP and RT to kill just one base with higher malus. We're almost at base 4 and every alliance on the server is still stuck in the outermost ring on the map.
  • disaterist
    4 posts New member
    please reduce malus. will sop funding this server because no need to fund for farming.
  • bobgammon
    3 posts New member
    Please reduce Malus ore increase massive the recouces in ops and bases there is no progress in this world its getting boring
  • leoletigre
    2 posts New member
    I agree with all these comments, never spent so much time in digging toward center and with no pvp on this world as far as I can see, there will soon be no interest in going on here...
  • TaburaLasa
    1 posts New member
    I agree with all these comments too. its getting really boring
  • grip1sha
    1 posts New member
    Server started 21 day ago and we are still 5-8 days away from 4th base. We should have 4th base few days ago. It never happens that we have cash for new base much before rp.
    Even farming OPs lvl 21/22 is too hard, not to mention how hard is kill a base lvl 23 or 24.
    Malus should be reduced. This is too high
  • Hi, with such a high malus, digging is impossible and this server need some changes, more ressources on ops and camps or lower malus (easy to do in a previous server the malus had been up ^^)
    farming is boring and with even malus on camps and ops its really **** !!
  • NHP1977
    1 posts New member
    I agree. The Malus is much too high. The half of the Malus would be hard enough.
  • V8Germany2
    3 posts New member
    Malus is to high. We waste only money and have no fun
  • The level of malus is extremely high. The game becomes tedious.
  • Totally agree with this. No point buying CP this server as its not needed to farm. Malus needs to be reduced. Super slow server
  • I think the morale is just fine. Adjust strategy. There are a few strategies that if modified will help with this world.
  • bobgammon
    3 posts New member
    I SHOOT A 25 BASE IN WORLD 40 And got only 935k tib and 876 kristall i was the only one who shot the base !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • bobgammon wrote: »
    I SHOOT A 25 BASE IN WORLD 40 And got only 935k tib and 876 kristall i was the only one who shot the base !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Farm OPs. :)
  • I agree, malus sucks to hard!
  • i like a classic server with malus, but it does seem server 40 has a higher malus % than in the past. Never played a server that i can remember so many people struggling for RP. Usually is creds thats the key. also we need a weeks farming to dig a base level higher it feels like, is to much game makers :)
  • FOXON4
    25 posts Member
    edited July 2019
    Please reduce willingness to fight there is no progress in this world its getting boring
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  • malus too high, very boring,
  • malus too high and not enouth ressurces for bases... sucks
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