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Tiberian 40 - Request to Developers to Reduce Malus


  • Please reduce malus levels - want to have fun and keep playing C&C but make if fair regarding to attacks on FG so we can keep playing this game. Thank you
  • why do you keep messing around with these stupid ideas like MALUS and other idiotic things.
    it kills team work which is the reason we play it.
    no matter what country we come from. what language we speak.
    we always find away to build teams and encourage team work.
    all these so called inovations to improve the game are basicly killing it.
    if its not broken dont fix it.
  • I have played many fa worlds and a few non fa worlds. I understand the want of developers to have more malus if there is no FA but this is ridiculous. The huge leap in malus vs rewards, especially with the nerfing of benefits from "tag-teaming" and building cooperative alliance teamwork makes it quite non enjoyable and becomes a chore for those coming to this sort of rule-set server from an FA history of gameplay. I agree that a penalty needs to be there due to no threat of forgotten counter attacks, but seriously guys... we already have the less rewards if we act like a "Tiberium Alliance" rather than a bunch of soloists. There is good income to be had for E.A. and better enjoyability of players if the % malus is significantly reduced.
    Please consider the long term implications of people leaving servers like this and finding other games to play that dont keep Brick-walling people at every turn.
  • The morale system is way too strong and slowed progress down a ton. Bases that actually have meaningful resources for your level aren't worth hitting due to the morale loss so you have to farm for days just to kill a few bases before repeating the process. It takes all the fun out of base killing
  • AjmXLord
    1 posts New member
    The speed is too slow, because of malus level, if it keeps that way, a lot of people will skip this kind of servers.
  • Beast0370b
    1 posts New member
    I have to agree, we can keep farming all day vs attacking bases with high wiliness. It doesn't make sense, plus farm is soooo boring. Not sure if will play next server if stays like this plus I am sure other players are thinking the same way.
  • Smil3ForM3
    1 posts New member
    OMG MALus is to highhh , no fun , many players leave world , please reduce Malus Asap
  • MALus is to highhh
  • i understand now why new worlds comming only 1 time in 2 months.bcs game not so fun .and players leaving.
    was 3 worlds in month.ea do you want lose last players?
  • cloclo1000
    1 posts New member
    i agree. malus too high
  • brunolens
    1 posts New member
    I agrée, malus is hard!
  • MarcoVoelkl
    1 posts New member
    Malus a little bit too high. Please reduce. Ty
  • owen_rs1
    3 posts New member
    this game is now no longer worth our time or money waisted on funds
    throw idiotic changes destorying this game and destorying what you have left of
    a loyal fan base that have played since game frist servers 6 years plus ago .
    two recent changes need to be reversed and aplyed with immediate efect or this game is no longer worth
    our time or money .

    recent penalty changes you have destoryed team work due to lazyness in writing code
    that there is no penalty when the same allaince atack a base as a team or even outpost .
    only aplying pentnaly when a diffrent allaince atacks was best fix you could and should have aplyed
    to stop alts this has destoryed team work needed in this game . like watching paint dry so boring
    saving for days rather than working as a team .

    the mauls need to be lowered to old rates with immediate efect . changes have really taking things way to far pointless playing

    making this game not worth our time or money any more and making the game pointless .
    very littel chance of any one willing to finish this sever never as its not worth the funds .
    please listen to you fan base for a change. your destorying this game completely

    after 6 years playing with vorouis acounts
    i am geting very close to turning my back on ea and this game after endless stupidity in changes for a while i just dread what you will dream up to change next . the lastest changes .
    your just destorying/ destoryed the game and driving your fan base you have away.

    just take the sever down and get it done lower mauls and no pentnaly for team work the same allaince diging
    in packs as a team promote team work not destory it.
    we want to play more severs faster and more of them not watch every one give up due to so slow dull and boring pontless and not worth money spent on funds

    please listen to your customers while you have any loyalty and fan base left for this game
    stop destorying this game please
  • death2know
    1 posts New member
    Yes please,
    malus too high,
  • to OWEN
    what you said .i think same.everhyone think same
  • owen_rs1
    3 posts New member
    please reduce malus to old rates and remove penalty if same allaince is atacking its called team work and hunting in packs to achive our goals and targets .
    penalty should only be aplyed if a diffrent alliance atacks .
    the higher malus the games is not worth our time or money spent on funds
  • michdeb69
    1 posts New member
    please reduce malus. we're bored on this server. no need to fund for farming so save money for us less for EA.
  • The malus on this server is way too high. Will not invest money in a game just to farm for days and then dig for only one day before needing to stop to farm again. Either give us more repair time and more command points or reduce the malus. OR reduce the cost of funds substantially.

    Please make the game more player friendly.

  • coupon leur les bourse arreter de funder , il reviendront vite a mettre les choses comme il ce doivent!
  • Clippalong
    6 posts New member
    EA. I was a huge fan of C&C and RA2. About 5 yrs ago I was absolutely thrilled to discover CCTA online. Introducing FA was an interesting concept but I was pleased when u started bringing back "classic worlds". Sadly when u added malus to the game I saw it as blatant money gouging. It added absolutely nothing except to slow the game down. Unbelievably u have now thrown a ridiculously crippling malus factor in our game. I think it confirms that EA see us players as revenue and not in a business concept of both parties having a sense of win win.
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