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fortress level

a bit late in the day to ask, but,
how does the fortress level get set after it has been destroyed? is it possible to bring the level back down from lvl 95? the reason to ask is this, i destroyed the fortress on w21 at lvl 59, after the 25 viral injections and 3 hits. the problem was, the alliance i was with only changed name, not create a new alliance, so the unbadged players did not get a badge. so we jumped back onto the hubs, now the fortress is lvl 93 before the 25 viral injections. the fortress has gone up 9 levels?? not sure we can do that fortress now, unless another 4 years of farming.


  • Approximately, take the average of the top ten offense levels on the server at the moment the shield drops, add 5, round it to integer (not sure which way to round it though), you get the level of the fortress after virus inserted.
    If you could access everybody on the server with high offenses, and sold those offenses half an hour before the fortress first opens (and buy back after its open), you could get a much lower fortress
    But now that you already opened it, you are stuck: even if you lose hubs and open it again, it will remain the exact same level and layout until you or somebody else kills it
  • Thank you. so following this, does that mean the level of the fortress can be reduced too? so it can be changed from lvl95 back down to lvl85?
  • In theory, i think it should be possible. But I have not seen this happen in reality because I never had to lower it. I have experience of keeping the fortress from growing, for example we had 3 fortresses in a row at level 50, we even one-shot the 3rd fortress this way on tib 10. But you see it can't be lower than 50 anyways.
    I would really like to know if somebody has managed to get the next fortress lower than the previous one in practice, or whether there is a built-in constraint that it cannot be lower.
  • playing on tib 28 but now we reach the middle and all the big players have quit the server, which leaves us with no chance of finishing the server as the fortress is way too high, can anything be done to help us out as we really want to finish it and move on

  • best you use funds and grow big, you can manage i got faith in ya ;-)
  • LOL no point in a 2 year old server, thought they might drop the level as its impossible for us to do anything to it, we all deserve an end game, they must know that only the big guys can do anything, fort increases after each hit now its like a 95 fort or something, come on help us over there EA
  • methuselah
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    I believe you can bring the level down but it isn't worth trying. It is calculated based on the level of a bunch of stuff, offenses included, so if you can get all the big guys to sell their offenses and then quit playing, kill the fort, and then when it reconstitutes it will be less.......but it would be easier just to grow your accounts and kill it.
  • chertosha
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    edited October 2019
    the catch with the strategy is that if somebody already opened the fortress and it has not been killed since, the fortress will not change layout or level until it is killed
  • btw. with this new logic of removing players completely from a server after 2 years of inactivity, their offenses most likely will not count for the fortress calculation either, so if the fortress has not been opened, then you can just wait 2 years until everybody goes inactive and disappears, and then your fortress level could be based on your own offenses
  • methuselah
    455 posts Senior Moderator
    I think your first point nails the problem with the second one though. If I understand the mechanic, which is always questionable, if the fortress is sitting there during that two years the level is already set. Until someone kills it then it won't relevel based on the existing offenses and the existing offenses aren't big enough to do that job.

    Which is why I came to my final conclusion, just level up and do it the right way. Yes it is hard, yes it takes time, but this is supposed to be the ultimate accomplishment in a server you don't want it to be easy.
  • appreciate the reply, so there would definately be no chance of having the fort level lowered for one last hit?
  • Chancer
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