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Looking for beta testers for a base-layout tool site


I'm in the early stages of developing a base-layout tool website: www.cnctaopt.com. It is kind like what cncopt.com does at the moment, but doesn't use Flash. It has the basic functionalities and more will be added soon.

I've put this new site together as I'm getting rather annoyed at Chrome forcing me to reload the cncopt.com page with Flash enabled. As some of you know, Chrome, Firefox and a few other browsers are phasing out support for Flash soon.

Could some of you tested it for me, please.

You will need to install the Tampermonkey script, github.com/zbluebugz/CnC-TA-Opt, first and then play a game. While in the game, select a base and choose "CnCTAOpt" button.

Any bugs/issues found or suggestions, please list them on github.com ...



  • KG5IZE
    51 posts Member
    when i clciked link in game it went to your site but everything was blank but the info was in url in fact took the "ta" out of your url and it loaded cncopt perfect with my base lol
  • zBlueBugz
    61 posts Member
    edited June 2019
    Can you send me the url that you used, please? - I need to see what caused the site to show blank grids. (Found you link you used in the logs. Will check it out)
  • zBlueBugz
    61 posts Member
    edited June 2019
    @KG5IZE - thanks for the feedback. I have updated the code to resolve the bug you've encountered.
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  • KG5IZE
    51 posts Member
    yea i was playing with it for a while, one other thing probably my fault. i opend the site like blank and filled in a base and army. i think nod first then switched to gdi fine but when i switched to forgotten alot mainly the special buildings all went invisible except the level number so i tried deleting them after two or three thewhole page crashed lol
  • Thanks for the extra feedback. I'll have another rethink about displaying missing items.
  • rongoree
    5 posts New member
    I really like your site. Though, after using it I did find an error that affects the way it displays some Forgotten layouts. I started an issue on your Github repo with the details, but that was a couple of weeks ago and it still doesn't seem to have been fixed so I thought I would also try to bring it to your attention here in the forums.

    Thank you and please keep up the good work, I really hope that you continue to work to improve the site and that it doesn't become un-maintained like CNC-Opt.
  • PunkiePunk
    38 posts Member
    edited August 2019
    hi, thx for trying to improve the cncopt and take flash out of the picture ;) Looking good !
    I've been playing a bit with it, a few suggestions:
    please change the max amount of buildings to 40, since that is the max any base can have
    please make the NOD background logo a lot lighter, for better visibility
    please make it possible, like in the old cncopt, to hover the mouse over a field and type the letter of the building you want to add, in stead of having to click on every field in your cncopt
    http://prntscr.com/oylhef in your cncopt FA buildings become invisible, is it possible to have them visible?
    http://prntscr.com/oylpp2 is it possible to add a quick link button?
    What I missed in the old cncopts is the possibility to copy the coords of the camp into the cncopt, if that could be added, that would be an enormous improvement
  • rongoree
    5 posts New member
    I would disagree with @PunkiePunk about the max building count. I have often used CNC-Opt (and now CNC-TA-Opt) to prototype new (or reconfigure current) base layouts and while I am trying to figure out exactly what buildings I wanted and where I wanted to place them, my total building count is often a little higher than the 40 building max.

    Though I do agree about the NOD logo, it is significantly darker than the GDI logo. I also agree that the ability to place buildings by simply typing the letter would be a good feature to add.

    The problem regarding the invisible Forgotten defense units only applies when you change a scanned Forgotten layout into one of the factions (GDI or NOD). The reason that some of the units turn invisible in this case is that there is no equivalent GDI or NOD unit for those Forgotten units. The only options you really have in that situation are:
    1) Make them invisible (current option)
    2) Leave the Forgotten unit there (but that would likely cause some confusion)
    3) Add a place holder image in those locations (something like a red X or a circle with a line through it)
    4) Just delete those Forgotten units when you switch the layout faction (but that could cause technical or functional problems).

    There is no "quick link button" like what CNC-Opt has but you do have the equivalent functionality. If you scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page, there is a place where you can generate links in several formats.

    I am unsure exactly what you mean by "possibility to copy coords of the camp into the cncopt" but I think you mean adding the coords of the camp you scanned as the name of the base layout. If my understanding of what you meant is correct, then that functionality is already included. If you look directly under the base layout grid there is an input box where you can add a base name (or coords in your use case) to the layout.

    I hope that helps.
  • @rongoree and @PunkiePunk - thanks for the feedback. Apologies for the delay in replying.

    Background logos:
    - I'll upload a lighter version of the logos

    Adding buildings via mouse hover + keyboard letter:
    - Will have a look at seeing how this could be done.
    - ATM, you can select more than one cell and press a letter to add X amount of the same units. Also, raise/lower those unit's levels (this functionality is sometimes a little bit buggy).

    Copy coords:
    - I'll add this feature request
    - CnCTAOpt's link button to include the coords in the URL
    - CnCTAOpt site to display & remember the coords

    Invisible Forgotten defense units:
    - I'll have a look at clearing out the incompatible cells completely.

    Limit to max 40 building units:
    - I'll look at the option to allow the user to enable the limit to be locked in.

    Quick links:
    - Feature is there - simply scroll down the page ...

    I've updated the github page accordingly.
  • rongoree
    5 posts New member
    @zBlueBugz - Thank you for your response (delayed is better than non-existent, lol). I haven't had a chance to test the fixed version yet but I will make sure that I try it out the next time I am on. I appreciate you looking into the other changes as also.

    However, I would like to make one suggestion when it comes to copying the layout coords. If you are going to add the layout coords to the url you might want to consider adding either the world number (would be shorter) or possibly the world name (would be easier to read, ex. "Firestorm ???","Wrath ???", etc.) to the url also. That way anyone who is given the link would know what world the coords are associated with. Players that manage a large numbers of layout links across multiple worlds, would likely find having this information embedded in the link itself to be very useful.
  • Game world is on the ToDo list - just a matter of figuring out which bit of code gives me that information.
  • Sorry for my delay in responding. I have had a chance to play a few times since my last post and I have scanned numerous layouts into your updated site (including many that would have previously failed) and so far they all seem to be displaying correctly. Thank you for your efforts.

    Also, I had a little bit of spare time so I did a some digging for you. I am not really a programmer but I think that the code below might be what you are looking for.

    For world number --> ClientLib.Data.MainData.GetInstance().get_Server().get_WorldId();
    For world name --> ClientLib.Data.MainData.GetInstance().get_Server().get_Name();

    I hope that helps
  • @rongoree thanks for the code snippet.
    I've updated the Tampermonkey script and the cnctaopt.com website code to handle the world id and name details. Also, the "Create link to base layout" button's code has been tweaked to resolved a few minor hiccups/bugs.
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