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Relocation timer greater than 24 hours on World 40 Tib?


This is the 2nd time my relocation timer cool down was longer then the 24 hours as in the past..
http://prntscr.com/pu0cws - this was close to 36 hours before I will be able to move my bases after sectoring.. - what happen to the 12 hour move timer after sectoring? (My bases were not dead either)


  • With 19.3 we included a change to stack move cooldowns, to avoid players exploiting the 12h overwrite of the sector jump, especially near the world center to get rid of their regular high-level move cooldowns.
    Envision Entertainment Community Liaison
  • Great so now we have people that cant move for 36 hours, or some other large amount... What a fun game that is.... How about going the other direction and getting rid of the bubble protection after 12 hours instead of the 24 hour it is now, and leave the timers the way they were.. Anyone that would be using the old way, as a way to bypass a large cool down can only try it 2x with it being semi good with you moving them back a bit during relocation and then having to wait 7 days.. It just makes the game suck now since you guys did this and stacked timers, as we are stuck for 36 plus hours and loose bubble after 24 hours, can't move, can't defend yourself, etc.. Just not sure it was thought through fully and was more of a reaction to someone trying to exploit the game as a patch, not realizing the impact to regular game play..

    Thanks for your time!
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