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My Salamander was automatically researched

I destroyed a level 46 base and was destroyed by a level 45 to 47 forgotten attack.
When I resurrected my base and moved I noticed my research points and credits were decreased.
I checked my research and my Salamander was upgraded.
How can I get back my credits and research points? I wanted to drop my 7th base first and not research my Salamander.
Was my account hacked?


  • gamerdruid
    3992 posts Moderator
    It's unlikely your account was 'hacked', however it would certainly be a good idea to change your password and use 2 factor authentication to prevent unauthorised access to your account.

    I'm not sure that much can or will be done about researching the Salamander.
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  • u should use this thread to ask for an "undo" button and not make stories...
    blame the kids or the alcohol (as i do)...

    this is why i always start the alliance chat with "wassup troops?" :tongue:
  • Have you recently granted a substitution?
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