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Lines in the sky

Hello.I have a problem with tiberium wars and kane's wrath.When I use the Gpu ,in every mission or skirmish it appears many colored lines in the sky and they are very annoying but if I use the integrated graphics the lines are gone but I will have lag.The reason for those colored lines is vfx detail from settings of the game.If the vfx detail is set on low the colored lines are gone but the game looks bad and if the vfx detail is medium,high or very high the colored lines are back again.So can somebody help me to make those lines to dissapear without change the vfx detail from high and without use the integrated graphics?


  • gamerdruid
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    These are very old games and not many here play them that visit the forums.

    Keep looking back, you may find the answers, but it may take a long, long time!
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