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unable to change worlds- this last week server issues

anyone else can not change worlds let alone log into 1 world this last week , before every attack server goes offline 5 to 10 times , transferring resources is a 10 attempt effort , after every attack a refresh is required, messages are impossible to read or send.this game has seriously gone from ok to good to getting rather irritating, and a pain in my ❤️❤️❤️❤️. does anyone know if developers are aware of these issues , and no im not only one complaining , cookies have been deleted , other pc scans done , you name it . can anyone shed any light if they resolving slow server issues


  • gamerdruid
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    If it is a general problem, the forum usually fills up quickly with reports of the problem. As such it may be a problem restricted your account or the world you are in as the forum isn't full of reports.

    I do remember seeing a similar report over the Christmas/New Year holiday period but that problem was resolved on the return of the developers to their office.

    Which world are you stuck on? Which world do you wish to move to? I can possibly provide a direct link to the world which may (or may not) help.
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  • I suppose the issue has resolved itself?
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