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Relocation tiers

I received 7d relocation cooldown after 2nd sector jump on W25, even though it should be 3d on 2nd jump, based on the message on relocation window. The relocation window said my tier was 1. Is server start an invisible "sectoring" that counts towards the cooldown but not tier, or is it a bug? Makes a big difference when you are stuck for a week in enemy sector...


  • ratamni
    3 posts New member
    Same problem i have, also on W25 after 2. jump.
  • EE_Elephterion
    1546 posts Envision Developer
    To investigate, please let me know when you did those sector jumps.
    Envision Entertainment Community Liaison
  • ratamni
    3 posts New member
    My first sectorjump was on 28.03 ca.11:00 CEST, the second one on 04.04 at 19:59 CEST
  • ratamni
    3 posts New member
    In the meantime I have already moved to the edge of my sector. But I would be interested to know why the one with the sector jump does not work as described.
    7 days after the last jump the counter is downgraded by one, which obviously didn't work in this case. And anyway, only the third jump should have been set to a 7 day shift lock.
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