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2 problems

1) In russian translation bomber have wrong full description, you write that only bomber can attack defences, but other troops cannot.

2) I dont found forum for this proplem and clicked support on main page, but its sended me to Revials support.


  • EE_Elephterion
    1707 posts Envision Developer
    Thank you Commander, I'll forward this feedback.
    Envision Entertainment Community Liaison
  • And if you want fix russian translation, then also fix button at right "Ресурсов собрано" (Resources collected). I think its must be "Собрать ресурсы" (Collect resources).
  • And in description of anti-vehicle frogotten tower (tower, not vehicle-tower) you write that its a AA tower.
  • EE_Elephterion
    1707 posts Envision Developer
    Thanks, I added them to the request for the localization team :)
    Envision Entertainment Community Liaison
  • Button "Reserve spot" not translated, Black Hand upgrade "+10% damage", but in full discription in arsenal info about area of attack.
  • Forgotten anti-vehicle building called "Уничтожитель." with ".", in upgrades Avatar get healing from damage from vehicles which he take, but in arsenal he get healing fro, damage to vehicles which he did.
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