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I need help, please

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I dont really know how this forum works, but i need ur help.
I have got 3 bases in my secondary acc.
2 of em are destroyed in enemy territory and i cant move them off from enemy territory.
What can i do to get em back?

thanks, and sorry for bad english, i am not an english native speaker:)


  • gamerdruid
    3501 posts Moderator
    If you can't get an alliance member to clear a space for you to move to then you can relocate to a different sector.

    You do this by
    • selecting 'world' from the top right of your playing screen
    • choose 'relocate player' button at the bottom left of the window that pops up
    • choosing carefully the sector you wish to move to
    • selecting the 'I understand and accept' check box (bottom left)
    • finally click on 'relocate' at bottom right.
    Note if you can't see some of the last two buttons/check box then zoom to 80% using CTRL+ minus symbol (or other ways).
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