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Markers and translations

I think I made this suggestion in its day, but I'll put it back in case it could be considered interesting.

It's all about the markers.

Every time a boss places a marker on a position, the text that is added is localized according to the language of its interface (as long as it is NOT EDITED).

When we are in worlds where we all speak the same language, there is no problem, but when someone has their game interface in another language, this becomes a problem because the text can come out in Russian, Polish, Spanish, English ...

While it is true that each icon has a distinctive shape, sometimes the text is not understandable by whoever reads it.

My request would be:

Since we have translated all the texts of the different game markers (as long as they are not edited / customized), could a language variable be added to these markers to vary the displayed text according to the interface language?

It is clear that if the marker is edited / customized this variable would be deactivated, showing the text in the language that was written.

I am with the interface of the game in Spanish and I put a marker "Ver" whose Spanish text is "Vigila atentamente este objetivo y la zona circundante. Es posible que haya que actuar pronto." The game detects that the marker has the language variable equal to "esxxxxx" (where xxxx will be the code of the text translated into Spanish already existing)

If now another player enters whose interface is in English and accesses this marker, it will detect that the language variable is equal to "esxxxxx", so it will look for that code xxxxx in its interface language "en" and will display it on the screen. The result would be that the marker would appear as "Watch Closely" and in the English description it would be "Watch this target and its surrounding area closely. Action might be requires soon."

And similarly for the other languages.

If the bookmark is edited, the variable would change to "nottranslatable" and the interface language translation search would not be performed.
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