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Display issue with the latest patch

Hi guys!

I have a display issue since the last patch. I cannot see the top of the box that show the timer to next base. I thought it was my computer setting, so I access my account from an other pc, I moved the box and when I got back the the pc I usually use, it was still at same place as before and with still the same issue. Before the patch, everything was displayed properly and I did no change of any thing since everything run smooth.

If anyone have a clue of how to fix this or if anyone else experience this. It might just be a setting, but I have no idea since I use to run windows 10 since just about a year.



  • gamerdruid
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    Timer to next base isn't a built in feature, it's a script. Have you tried altering your zoom level? Have you tried going into full screen with your browser?
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  • I fix this issue by going full screen, move the timer box and then going back normal screen. But I have to mention that I'm using the last update of Edge on a pc using Windows 10 updated as well and notice that since the last update, I have many small issue, like even if I go in settings and permit popups, in the game, some windows popup sometimes and other time don't. My only solution for now is to close the browser and open it again and it work. Also some popups, like if I click on a member's name in different windows, it never open. Some others like opening the message window, the alliance or the forum windows always work. Very odd.

    It seem that edge is not yet ready for CNC:TA :))

    I use also Chrome updated and no issue on this side. (I use the same scripts on both btw: SoO)


  • gamerdruid
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    It used to be that Edge and Internet Explorer were not supported by the game, ie the game didn't work on those browsers very well or at all. As a result most use on of the myriad of Chrome or Firefox clones that are available and mostly work better then Edge and IE.

    The game doesn't utilise many popups, are the ones that are not working related to scripts or in-game ones? Can you provide screen shots?
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
  • I appreciate your commitment gamedruid, but you have your answer in my last reply. I gave some specific infos about what goes wrong:
    All the time, if I go in message or alliance for example and click on any member's or player's name to see his details, the popup don't show up.
    Again, even if I go in settings and permit any popups to show up. But if I click on any message, I can see the message and reply to it, all popups work fine.

    Also, all my scripts are working just fine. We talk about Edge the latest updated version and besides that, Edge still run very smooth and very stable for me.

    So yes, it's surely an issue with Edge, but since it's just a popup display issue I was wondering if there was any solution on the game side or not. For now I still use it and just use Chrome to see what I need to see from any player with my alt account.

    Thanks again for your commitment gamedruid! :)

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