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Cheating the game

On the last several servers of Tiberian Alliances several players have consistently placed #1. In Tiberian Alliances 47 I learned that the Alliance Bellum had nearly 35 ALT accounts to gain unfair advantage by using the alt accounts to make most of the shots - that spares their main account from making more than a few shots to kill bases and advance the player score. Two alliances I am aware of are filled with ALT accounts - Bellum II and Woolley Frog. I was manipulated into creating and funding an alt account by the CIC of Bellum. I did not realize at the time that this is against the Terms of Service. There is no longer any chance of new players having a fair gaming experience because you've turned your back on the rules. The teams are not winning because of "Skill" they are winning because they are exploiting a weakness in the game. EA must know about this by now yet still takes money from players. If you are not going to enforce the rules and are aware of teams cheating the game - you need to add this as a disclaimer on the purchase funds page. You could say something like "Disclaimer: we know people are cheating but don't care and really just want your money."


  • This is not a new topic, it is regularly discussed. There is no solution available that would be acceptable, it seems.
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  • inzomn1a
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    This is hilarious. I'm not even on that server but logged in just to see what you're talking about.

    Like what druid said above, nothing wrong with using alts. The pre-shooting you're alluding to was addressed a 1.5 year ago before the last WCS--while there are workarounds, it is a lot of work to pull off what you're saying. Looking at the accounts in Bellum, yes i see many alts but heck they are played like regular accounts if you look at their ranking. If these alts are being abused, they wouldn't be in the top 10-50 rank that they're in.

    The more interesting topic is "not being able to have better rank than a good alt user is normal, but losing against an alliance that has only 15 players in it..." That is something. :wink:
  • I have yet to see even one alliance not using alts lol
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